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Michael Grant


Michael Grant is the author of 150 books, some of them co-authored with his wife Katherine K. A. Applegate. He created the best-selling Gone series and The Magnificent 12 series, and now The Messenger of Fear books, all published by HarperCollins.

Grant has written five books in the Gone series: Gone, Hunger, Lies, Plague and Fear. These dystopian novels for young adults tackle some tough themes. The books received glowing reviews and a loyal readership. Grant has a talent for relating to young adults and creating characters that keep teens interested in what will happen next. The final installment of the Gone Series, Light will debut in April 2013.

The Magnificent 12 series includes The Call, The Key and The Trap. This fantasy series blends adventure and humor, providing fast-paced reading.

In 2011, Grant's BZRK had a multimedia online debut with gaming, apps and social media tie-ins beginning six months before the book's publication. The complex of websites and the book remain true to the author's focus on gripping action and light-hearted fun that aims at engaging kids -- now geared for providing entertainment on multiple devices.

With Applegate, he co-authored several series, including Making Out, Remnants, Evergate and the Animorphs series. The Animorphs books became worldwide bestsellers.

Grant was born in California, and moved many times with his military family, attending schools in the U.S. and France. He has been with Applegate for more than 29 years. Grant, Applegate, their children and pets live in California.


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