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Sara Shepard
Photo by Daniel Snyder

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Sara Shepard


Sara Shepard is best known for her Pretty Little Liars young adult book series, which includes the titles Pretty Little Liars, Flawless, Perfect, Unbelievable, Wicked, Killer, Heartless, Wanted, Twisted, Ruthless and Stunning

The twelfth book, Burned, comes out in December 2012. The thirteenth book, Ali’s Pretty Little Lies, comes out in January 2013. The series was based roughly on her experiences in Philadelphia's Main Line and was made into a television show on ABC Family in 2010.

Shepard's other book series, The Lying Game, was also made into a show on ABC Family which premiered in August 2011. This series includes The Lying Game, Never Have I Ever, and Two Truths and a Lie and Hide and Seek. The fifth book, Cross My Heart, Hope to Die comes out in February 2013. The series is about identical twins separated at birth that find each other and attempt to find and resolve secrets in their lives and the people around them.

In addition to her two successful series, Shepard has published her first novel for adults, The Visibles ( published in the UK as All the Things We Didn't Say). In October 2011, Shepard released her new book, Everything We Ever Wanted. She received her MFA at Brooklyn College and now lives with her husband and dogs outside Philadelphia, PA.


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