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While Dan Wells, author of Paritals, thinks every city in America is doomed, Amy Tintera, author of Reboot, thinks the Lone Star State would survive apocalyptic doom.


10 Reasons Why Texas Would Survive The Apocalypse

By Amy Tintera

When I was building the Reboot world, I knew right away that I needed to set the story in Texas. I grew up in Austin and knew the area well, and I felt confident that Texas had a pretty decent shot of surviving the apocalypse. In fact, there are ten very good reasons why Texas would survive the apocalypse:


1.) It’s really big. Lots of places to run and hide in Texas, and you can pick desert, beach, or hill country.



2.) The state is home to about 25 million people. Potential for a very big army. (Or lots of zombies in the event of a zombie apocalypse. This one has plusses and minuses.)



3.) The Austin slogan is “Keep Austin Weird.” Austinites would roll with the punches during the apocalypse and make it work.



4.) Easy escape. It has a coastline AND the potential to hightail it to Mexico.



5.) Texans are already used to surviving in extreme conditions – it’s a million degrees every summer.

Texans during the summer:

Everyone else:



6.) Breakfast tacos, barbeque, Tex-Mex, Whole Foods, Blue Bell, H.E.B, Whataburger: Everyone would still have delicious food, even after the world ended.



7.) Texans have a reputation for never giving up – Remember the Alamo!



8.) NASA – They’re already set up to try to make a new home in space.



9.) Texas is a leader in wind power. No Revolution-type scenarios for them.



10.) Don’t Mess With Texas.


Add don’t mess with Walker, Texas Ranger.






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