Book Nerds Unite, Lists!

With the age of email, texting and tweeting, there’s definitely a beauty to handwriting a letter. The next time you sit down to pen a thank you card or just a “Yo dude, what’s up?” letter, consider using one of these cool, quirky designs!


For the entire Epic Reads community.

Card by Constellation & Co.



For fans of The Madman’s Daughter, Gone and pretty much any paranormal or sci-fi YA story where the characters aren’t quite human.

Book Nerd approved greeting cards via @EpicReads Book Nerd approved greeting cards via @EpicReads

Cards by Zeichen Press



For those who like word puzzles.

Card by Pressed in Brooklyn



For fans of Shakespeare.

Card by GuttersnipeNC



For fans of any vampire novel ever.

Card by GuttersnipeNC



For the hipster writer.

Card by Ruff House Art



For the library enthusiast.

Card by Constellation & Co.



For those who are Dauntless.

Card by Benjamin Paul



For fans of For Darkness Shows the Stars.

Card by The Iron Curtain Press



For the cover judger.

Card by Paper Mint Studio



For those with epic TBR piles.

Card by Brave Mable



For copy editors and English teachers.

Card by Sapling Press



For the book blogger.

Card by Sapling Press



For fans of any zombie novel ever.

Card by Wit and Whistle



For members of King Snarkles’ royal court. (That would be you.)

Card by Wee Gallery



Have you seen any other bookish cards around the interwebz? Share a link with us in the comments below!