Book Nerds Unite, Lists!

20 #BookNerdGoals For The New Year

Forgetting about my 99 book nerd problems for a second and focusing on my 2016 goals.

  1. Actually read all of the books on my TBR. (Or at least all the books on this infographic.)
  2. Make my bookshelf Instagram-worthy and not just the disorganized, hot mess that it currently is.
  3. Get my name in the acknowledgements.
  4. Get a character named after me.
  5. Get a book dedicated to me.
  6. Have an entire novel written about me.
  7. Meet my favorite author and dazzle them with my perfectly composed and delivered one-liner so well that they ask me if I want to hang and then we become best friends.
  8. Get paid to read books.
  9. Get my boyfriend to change his name to my book boyfriend’s name.
  10. Be on the cover of my favorite book/series (aka be able to wear one of those Selection dresses…)
  11. Have just put a picture of me as the definition of “Bibliophile” in Webster’s Dictionary.
  12. Get married in a bookstore.
  13. Get a tattoo of my favorite line in YA and have the author write it on me
  14. Have a party and only cast members from my favorite YA adapted movies are invited and they actually show up. (Still waiting on your RSVP JLaw, Josh, Ansel, Lilly, Theo, Dylan, Shailene, Cara, and the entire cast of PLL, Vampire Diaries and The 100.)
  15. Win free books for life.
  16. Eliminate all types of people that say that the movie was better than the actual book.
  17. Name all of my children/pets after infamous YA characters.
  18. Have authors call me for ideas on what should happen next in their series.
  19. Have a personal page turner.
  20. Own a first edition signed copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

What are some of your #BookNerdGoals for 2016?