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    Aprilynne Pike and Kiersten White are together at last

    08/31/2012 12:02PM | Posted by: HarperTeen | Get To Know The Author

    Meanwhile at San Diego Comic Con this year….Kiersten White interviewed WINGS author Aprilynne Pike! Continue reading

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    Tera Lynn Childs’ Favorite #TLCbooks

    08/30/2012 3:07PM | Posted by: HarperTeen | Get To Know The Author

    what are the books that Tera Lynn Childs herself reads when she needs a little TLC? Read on, Epic Readers! Continue reading

  • Smell Like A Peach While Reading PEACHES!

    08/29/2012 4:59PM | Posted by: Pretty In Pages | Fun Stuff

    Love the ladies of Jodi Lynn Anderson’s Peaches? Now you can smell like one! Continue reading

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    Like, Try, Why #12

    08/29/2012 3:52PM | Posted by: Margot-TeamEpicReads | Like, Try, Why

    On this week’s “LIKE” list: Never Let Me Go, If I Stay and The Goddess Test! Continue reading

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    There’s a hot, naked boy in the STARLING trailer…

    08/29/2012 11:45AM | Posted by: TeamEpicReads | Book Trailers

    Now that I have your attention, you should watch the new trailer for STARLING by Lesley Livingston! Continue reading

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    Enter the DEFIANCE jewelry sweepstakes!

    08/28/2012 10:54AM | Posted by: HarperTeen | Contests and Giveaways

    Enter the DEFIANCE sweepstakes for your chance to win custom jewelry inspired by the book! Continue reading

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    Everyone needs a little TLC

    08/27/2012 5:52PM | Posted by: Margot-TeamEpicReads | Fun Stuff

    You’re stressed. Things aren’t going your way today. You, my friend, need a little Tera Lynn Childs. Continue reading

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    Post-break up essentials

    08/27/2012 4:22PM | Posted by: Pretty In Pages | Fun Stuff

    Inspired by OVER YOU, check out these incredible essentials that will put you on the fast track to forgetting your ex! Continue reading

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    Top ten hackers from movies and TV

    08/27/2012 12:00PM | Posted by: TeamEpicReads | Lists!

    War Games, Blade Runner, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo….I’m diving deep into the world of pop-culture hackers. Continue reading

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    Ten real-life secrets in Don’t Breathe A Word

    08/27/2012 10:04AM | Posted by: Margot-TeamEpicReads | Book Club

    Holly Cupala, author of DON’T BREATHE A WORD, sent us ten fascinating facts about our Epic Reads Book Club book of the month! Continue reading

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