Banned Books Week

Book Nerds Unite

Celebrate the freedom to read with this post filled with info, embeddable badges, lists and more! Read More

Does time travel exist?

Author Guest Posts

Maybe there’s a secret government facility somewhere in the US and time travel is being perfected as we speak. Read More

Tea Time with Team Epic Reads #1

Epic Reads Exclusives

The first in a series of live video chats with Team Epic Reads! We discussed giveaways, new books, British accents & more! Read More

My First Love by Emily Hainsworth

Author Guest Posts

This week we’re featuring guest posts from Emily Hainsworth, author of THROUGH TO YOU. Read More

Creature Feature: Angels

Fun Stuff

I’m about take everything you think you know about angels and turn it on its head! Read More

Like, Try, Why #13: Sponsored by Supernatural Snark

Like, Try, Why

This week’s Like, Try, Why was written by the book blog, SUPERNATURAL SNARK! Read More

My First Rebellion by Addie Tamsyn

Author Guest Posts

This is a guest post written by Kat Zhang from her character, Addie’s point of view! Read More

Epic Reads Live Chats

Epic Reads Exclusives

We’re going to start live chatting on Ustream and want your opinion! Read More

Amy Garvey’s Top 10 Witches


Willow Rosenberg, Lena Duchannes, Rowan Mayfair…..see the ten witches from books, movies and TV that make Amy Garvey’s list! Read More

International Cover Lust: THE GIRL OF FIRE AND THORNS

Fun Stuff

Which international cover of THE GIRL OF FIRE AND THORNS by Rae Carson is your favorite? Read More


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