Nerd Alert #13: Football and Cheese Market Research

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Every week on Nerd Alert, Robison Wells (author of Blackout and Variant) will be sharing a newsworthy nerd moment from somewhere in the pop culture universe. Love sci-fi, superheroes, or all of the above? We’ve got your fix right here! Last week’s post: Nerd Alert … Read More

Tea Time Recap: Divergent Trailer Edition


This week on Tea Time, team Epic Reads and King Snarkles dissected the newly released Divergent movie trailer, discussed upcoming YA releases and other events in pop culture! Watch the replay below then keep scrolling for GIFs(!!!) and a list … Read More

A Typical Day In The Life Of Pittacus Lore

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This is what the Lorien elder does during a regular day when he’s not planning a war against the Mogadorians. Super tasty.             See all of the Lorien Legacies here ––> 

10 Things You Didn’t Know About C.J. Redwine

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Thanks to this personal essay she wrote for our blog, we now know C.J. Redwine (author of Defiance and Deception) a whole lot better. Maybe now we know too much. Maybe not. You decide.     10 Things You Don’t … Read More

Mythic Urban Archaeology

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This guest post is brought to us by Lesley Livingston –– author of STARLING and its sequel DESCENDANT! New to the series? Start reading Starling here and get a sneak peek at Descendant here.     Mythic Urban Archaeology By … Read More

Robyn Schneider Writes A Letter To Her 16 Year Old Self

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“Dear Robyn, You’re probably a bit disappointed that you didn’t wake up on your 16th birthday with magic powers, and not to ruin the future for you or anything, but you also don’t turn into a vampire mother, or compete … Read More

Tea Time: Double Header!


YA is back in action this week, y’all and since there are so many amazing books and things happening this week, we feel the need to have not one, but TWO Tea Times this Wednesday. Ya heard us right.   … Read More


Series Recaps, What We're Reading

****SPOILERS RIGHT AHEAD!!**** The Bitter Kingdom – the epic conclusion to The Girl of Fire and Thorns trilogy by Rae Carson – finally hits shelves this week and we are embracing it with open arms and a box full of … Read More

The Divergent Movie Trailer

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The Divergent movie trailer has finally premiered thanks to last night’s MTV Video Music Awards! We get a look at Shailene Woodley as Tris, Theo James as Four, Kate Winslet as Jeanine, Maggie Q as Tori and more. Watch the … Read More

Tea Time Recap: YA Starter Kits


This week on Tea Time with Team Epic Reads, we’re discussing our YA STARTER KITS, YA movie news (looking at you The Book Thief) and more! Watch the recorded version below (full version with comments can be found here) and … Read More


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