Tea Time Recap: All Hallows Read


This week on Tea Time with Team Epic Reads we wish you a happy All Hallows Read and introduce you to The *book shimmy* Awards! Watch the entire replay below! (Keep scrolling for just the awards clip.)   About The … Read More

A Guide To Afternoon Tea

Author Guest Posts

It’s no secret that Team Epic Reads is a big fan of tea, but being total Ammmurrricans, we don’t really know anything beyond hot water + tea in a bag = tea time. So, we decided to consult an expert. … Read More

17 Australian YA Authors You Need To Read


So many wonderful authors hail from so many wonderful countries around the world, but for some unknown reason Australia seems to have a particularly high concentration of AMAZING young adult writers. So here’s to you Aussies! Thank you for koalas, … Read More


Sneak Peeks

TWINMAKER by Sean Williams doesn’t go on sale until November 5th but we’re giving you an early look into the sci-fi book! Read the first 101 pages of the upcoming release from the award-wining Australian author and let us know … Read More

How To Get Rid Of Your Allegiant Hangover

Book Nerds Unite

So, you have finally finished reading Allegiant and now you feel all these things but you don’t know what to do and you’re not sure how you can go on reading. What you have is called a book hangover and … Read More

Nerd Alert #14: Prologues Poll

Author Guest Posts

On Nerd Alert, Robison Wells (author of Blackout and Variant) will be sharing a newsworthy nerd moment from somewhere in the pop culture universe. Love sci-fi, superheroes, or all of the above? We’ve got your fix right here! Previous post: Nerd Alert #13: Football and … Read More

12 Creepy YA Books That Should Be Made Into Horror Movies


With Halloween right around the corner I can’t help but come up with a list that combines two of my favorite things to do this time of year. 1) Read books that give me the creeps and 2) watch enough … Read More

Watch Veronica Roth Sing!

Epic Reads Exclusives

This weekend Veronica Roth made a stop in Downers Grove, IL (just outside Chicago) as part of her Allegiant tour. She was interviewed by audience member as well as Margot from Team Epic Reads. But the real highlight of the … Read More

Halloween Costume Advice From Madeleine Roux

Author Guest Posts, Epic Reads Exclusives

A few weeks ago we asked members to submit their costume questions. We’ve asked Madeleine Roux –– cosplayer extraordinaire and author of ASYLUM –– to reply with custom, personal advice. Take notes, designers. MAKE IT WORK!   How can I … Read More

A Divergent-Themed Tea Time


In honor of the release of Allegiant this week, we decided to host a Divergent-themed Tea Time this week on Spreecast (instead of Ustream) and chat with fellow fans of the Divergent trilogy and share our thoughts and feels about … Read More

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