7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Kiera Cass

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Kiera Cass is a national treasure and we loved learning these fun and funny little tidbits about the author of THE SELECTION!       Haven’t read any Kiera Cass yet? Get started with this *free* sampler!  

Things Alexis Bass Learned About Love in High School

Author Guest Posts

Sometimes we think you need a PHD to truly understand the rules of romance in high school. Luckily, we have Alexis Bass, author of Love and Other Theories, who is prepared to impart her worldly wisdom upon us.    In … Read More

The 15 Most Anticipated YA Novels Publishing in January 2015

Coming Soon

Four out of five dentists agree that these are the books you need to have on your TBR pile next month! And by dentists, we mean book nerds.   The 15 Most Anticipated YA Books Publishing In January 2015 (Most … Read More

BookShelfies with Kasie West!

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What does Kasie West’s bookshelf look like? Well, you’re about to find out! This is our new series where we’re asking YA authors to take a selfie in front of their bookshelf, hence, a bookshelfie! Keep scrolling to see the … Read More

Baking with Elissa Sussman: Rosemary Thumbprint Bread

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As we learned in STRAY by Elissa Sussman, you can use fresh OR dried rosemary to make Rosemary Thumbprint Bread, it will still be delicious. A strapping lad with lavender-smelling hair to help you stir the ingredients is also optional. Yet … Read More

DIY Selection Greeting Cards and Ornaments!

Epic Reads Exclusives, Selection Series

‘Tis the Selection season! This holiday, deck the halls with Selection series holiday decor! We have a DIY The Heir glitter globe tutorial and free downloadable greeting cards and ornaments!       The Heir Glitter Ornament How-To Supplies: • … Read More

The 4 Stages of ‘No More Bookshelf Space’ Grief


There comes a life altering moment in every book lover’s life. It is the moment that your bookshelf can’t fit one more book. You go to add your latest tome to the stacks and find that the books just won’t … Read More

20 Books You Should Save Your Holiday Gift Cards For

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Gift cards are the greatest, they are like free money. Think of all the books you could be getting with all that free money! BUT WAIT. Don’t spend that ca-ash just yet. Hoard those gift cards, book lovers, because there … Read More

Feast Your Eyes on the New Epic Reads Logo!

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Epic Reads has been around for two and a half years and we decided it was time to give the logo a brand new look! Not only that, but we’ll also be updating our website with a fresh, new design … Read More

10 Clues You’d Rather Be Living in a YA Novel

Author Guest Posts, Book Nerds Unite, Lists!

For those who see no difference between a YA book and a how to win at life guide, read on. You know those times when you’re so into a book that you forget there is a world around you? And … Read More


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