Words to Live By from Cammie McGovern

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“Happiness looks different to different people.” Cammie McGovern, author of A Step Toward Falling and Say What You Will, is the YA author we’d most like to hire as our life coach. Her novels are full of profound and life … Read More

Like, Try, Why #56

Like, Try, Why

We are your book matchmakers, here to make you a match! Sometimes it’s hard to find a book you’ll like, which is why we’ve done the dirty work for you! We have read-a-like suggestions if you enjoyed Before I Fall … Read More

Epic Reads Loves Target!

Book Nerds Unite, Epic Reads Exclusives

OMG WE’RE IN TARGET STORES!!!! We know your problem, you go to Target for like a $10 item and walk out with 10 books. It happens EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Well, now you can blame us for that because we have … Read More

5 Signs Your BFF May Actually Be a Frenemy

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Can’t tell if the person you’re hanging out with is a friend or a frenemy? Marcy Beller Paul, author of Underneath Everything, has a few tips to help you figure it out. When you meet a new friend who gets … Read More

Rank the Scariest YA Book Covers!

Book Nerds Unite, Fun Stuff

Bookshelf bookshelf on the wall, which cover is the scariest of them all? Upvote the young adult horror book covers you think are the most terrifying and help us determine which one is the most horrifying of them all!   … Read More

Reading Playlist: THE JEWEL

Reading Playlists

Listen to the official playlist for THE JEWEL curated by author Amy Ewing below on the Spotify player and find out why each of these songs was chosen!     The Jewel Playlist Curated by Amy Ewing (the author of the … Read More

Can You Identify the YA Book by the Tagline?

Book Nerds Unite, Quizzes

They thought they were YA fanatics, until one quiz changed everything. Take the quiz below and see if you can match the tagline with its corresponding YA book! At stake: the fate of the world (not really) and endless bragging … Read More

Famous Fairytale Footwear

Fun Stuff

Blisters and sore feet are nothing compared to the high stakes of rocking these fairytale shoes. Sarah Prineas, author of Ash & Bramble, is sharing some complicated shoe scenarios found in fairytales. Maybe it’s safer to go barefoot? Sarah Prineas’s … Read More

Intersex Awareness Day!

Author Guest Posts

Today is Intersex Awareness Day! If you don’t know what intersex is, check out these amazing videos here or here. Or read None of the Above by I.W. Gregorio. If you do know what intersex is, but aren’t sure why … Read More

18 Scary Stories You Should Definitely Not Read in the Dark

Curated Reading Lists

Boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to read something strange? Looking for a new scary book to read on Halloween this year? We have a curated list for you below! But why stop there? Instead of just … Read More

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