Book Nerd Problems: Matching Flowers To Books


Look, the truth is, we all need books to match our flowers. If you haven’t spent hours at the flower shop with hundreds of books all I have to say is… WHAT IS U DOIN’?!?! Matching books to flowers, matching … Read More

Read the First 4 Chapters of Changes In Latitudes

Sneak Peeks

The perf new summer novel from Jen Malone is finally here! CHANGES IN LATITUDES is here to take us on nautical trip of self-discovery, family, friendship, and love. And really, what else could we want from this peachy read? In CHANGES IN LATITUDES, Cassie’s … Read More

Three Dark Crowns Superlatives

Epic Reads Exclusives, Fun Stuff

Okay, high school is tough enough, but imagine going to one where every graduating class, three queen bees are forced to fight to the death, using magic and cunning to do what they can to win the prom night crown. … Read More

5 Easy Strategies for Overcoming Writer’s Block

Book Nerds Unite, Fun Stuff

Whether you’re a student, aspiring writer, or bestselling author, chances are you’ve dealt with writer’s block at least once in your life. The phenomenon is so pervasive that a quick internet search will return millions of expert opinions and advice. … Read More

Texts From Your Ex: YA Edition

Featured, Fun Stuff

YA Romances can end in all sorts of ways – from friendly and drama-free breakups to the gut wrenching endings that lead to agonizing for pages on end. And some are just… messy. In 16 WAYS TO BREAK A HEART … Read More

Read an Exclusive Excerpt of These Things I’ve Done

Sneak Peeks

There’s something about the intense atmosphere, twisting friendship story, and vulnerable romance that has THESE THINGS I’VE DONE at the top of our summer TBR. You will not be able to put down this raw, flashback-infused story. Dara and Aubrey have been inseparable since … Read More

How To Write Compelling Imagery In YA Fiction

Editor's Pick

Hey, aspiring writers! Have you ever noticed how some of the best stories have really beautiful, or sometimes really weird, descriptions of scents, sights, or actions? Well, it’s all in the imagery—the focus of this edition of Editor’s Pick! One … Read More

Pick Your Next YA Contemporary According To Your Mood!

Featured, Fun Stuff, Quizzes

So many contemporaries… so little time. Jk, it’s summer so we have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD! Yass. We made this board so that no matter the mood, you can find the perfect contemporary for you! Here’s how it … Read More

When Your Book Is Better Than The Real World


Yeah, nature’s alright, I guess, but there’s a whole world going on in my book right now, so…. Book Nerd Problems: Book Vs. Real Life Featured Book: Shadowcaster by Cinda Williams Chima   SHADOWCASTER Yep! Go ahead and binge read Flamecaster now … Read More

Rank Your Favorite YA Movie Adaptations

Featured, Quizzes

So many YA movie adaptations so little time to decide which we like the best! Lately, Team Epic Reads has been debating which YA movie adaptation is our favorite, so we decided to make this quiz to let YOU decide! … Read More

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