172 Thoughts I Had While Reading This Darkness Mine

Thoughts While Reading, What We're Reading

Have you ever read a book that leaves you feeling so WTF that you need to talk about it immediately with everyone around you? Because THIS DARKNESS MINE had me really freaking shook and now I need every Epic Reader to … Read More

Get an Electrifying Look Inside the Red Queen Collector’s Edition!

Epic Reads Exclusives, Featured, Red Queen Series

The RED QUEEN COLLECTOR’S EDITION is finally here and its beauty will leave you speechless! Whether you’re already a major fan of the series, or haven’t read any RED QUEEN books yet, this is THE novel that you absolutely need in your … Read More

How Would You Die in a YA Horror Novel?


Whether it’s by a small town slasher, a supernatural soul eater, or the Devil himself, there’s no shortage of ways to die in a good, scream-worthy YA novel. And in the midst of the spookiest season, we decided to put it … Read More

Read the First 3 Chapters of Here We Are Now

Sneak Peeks

Music nerds, today’s sneak peek is for YOU! It’s Jasmine Warga’s latest novel, HERE WE ARE NOW, and it is all about family bonds, evolving friendships, discovering your roots and, you guessed it—music! It’s about Taliah Abdallat, a 16-year-old girl who’s life seems … Read More

5 Bad Reading Habits and How to Break Them

Book Nerds Unite

I think we can all agree that reading is a joyous time for us all and we’ve all got enough experience under our belts to basically be considered professionals. However, that doesn’t mean that bad habits don’t form over time. … Read More

12 Fantasy Books You Might’ve Missed (But Shouldn’t Have)


The YA fantasy genre can sometimes feel like a blessing and a curse. On one hand, there are so many amazing books that we’re never without one hopping off our TBR. On the other, we feel like we’ll never get … Read More

Who Would Be Your Fictional Nemesis?


It’s hard not to love a proper YA villain, but have you ever wondered what sort of enemy you would have if your life was a work of fiction? Would they be brutal, or would you suffer a starcrossed, forbidden … Read More

Epic Adaptations: Love, Simon, Children of Blood and Bone, & More!

Videos, YA Movie & TV News

Are you ready for even more limelight-tinged news about your favorite YA books? In this month’s Epic Adaptations video, Jesse from the Booktube channel Jessethereader is taking us through a whirlwind of updates, teasers, and YA news. In this month’s … Read More

Can You Guess Who Said These Iconic Shatter Me Quotes?

Quizzes, Shatter Me Series

Welcome back to the world of Tahereh Mafi’s SHATTER ME series! If you’ve read these books, you know that Shatter Me quotes are among the most passionate, powerful, and steamiest in YA. If not, boy, do we have good new for you. … Read More

Read the First 2 Chapters of The Afterlife of Holly Chase

Sneak Peeks

The holiday have come early and we’re bringing you an extra festive gift—a sneak peek at THE AFTERLIFE OF HOLLY CHASE by Cynthia Hand! On Christmas Eve five years ago, seventeen-year-old Holly Chase was visited by three Ghosts who showed … Read More

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