Nominate Your Fave YA Books in the 2017 *Book Shimmy* Awards

Book Nerds Unite, Epic Reads Exclusives

Forget the Oscars, Golden Globes, Grammy’s and Razzies, this is the most important award of all time: The *Book Shimmy* Awards! It’s time for the greatest annual YA book awards ever, celebrating the best and most feels-inducing young adult books … Read More

The Leah on the Offbeat Cover is Here and It is Perfection

Cover Design, Epic Reads Exclusives

The cover for the SIMON VS. sequel has been revealed—and we are 😍😍😍! You Love(,) Simon 😉. You love Molly. Now get ready to love Leah too (if you don’t already)! LEAH ON THE OFFBEAT, the sequel to Simon vs. the … Read More

The 12 Best Books to Share With Your BFF


There are three kind of books that we read and immediately need to share with our best friends. The first is the type that, upon finishing, we think “omg, this is literally me.” These books are best enjoyed with a buddy, … Read More

Read the First 3 Chapters of Love, Life, and the List

Sneak Peeks

What do you do when you have an unrequited crush on your best friend? Make a list of course! Kasie West, author of perfect love stories like BY YOUR SIDE and THE FILL-IN BOYFRIEND, is back with another effortlessly adorable novel! In … Read More

Prepare to Be Shocked: The War Storm Cover is Here!

Cover Design, Featured, Red Queen Series

Rally around one last time, Scarlet Guard because the final cover reveal for the Red Queen series is here!! Yes, that’s right we finally have a cover for WAR STORM, the epic conclusion to the Red Queen series and here … Read More

Can You Identify the YA Series by Its Icon?


This is it. The moment you’ve been waiting for. Oh, no, sorry. It’s not LOVE, SIMON. Aaand it’s not WAR STORM either. BUT it is something super fun, and a way to test your YA knowledge while you wait for both of … Read More

Real Talk: Breaking the Cycle of Abuse

Real Talk

Break the Cycle! NOW IS EVERYTHING author Amy Giles gets real about child abuse for all the Hadleys of the world and their stories that need to be told. This blog post is part of our on-going Real Talk blog series where we … Read More

Build a Burger and We’ll Guess Your Favorite Type of Book Ending


YA has its fair share of book ending styles—happy ever afters, soul-crushing goodbyes, and everything in between. Sometimes you’re not sure how you feel about an ending until it really sinks in a few days later. That has happened to us on … Read More

Who is Reputation About? A Track-by-Track YA Breakdown

Featured, Pop Culture

Since the days of her humble, self-titled album, one of our guiltiest pleasures has been trying to figure out just who Taylor Swift has written songs about. Don’t get us wrong—we love the music (whether we want to or not, … Read More

Introducing the Epic Reads Holiday Box!

Epic Reads Exclusives, Featured

  Have you been a good book nerd this year? We really hope you said yes because this holiday season, we partnered with the Givington’s to bring you a very special treat!   Introducing the Epic Reads Holiday Box! What’s that?! … Read More


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