Which Hogwarts House Would You Sort These YA Characters Into?

Epic Reads Exclusives

Everyone knows what their own Hogwarts house is *cough* what’s up Slytherin *cough* but have you ever thought about what someone else’s Hogwarts house would be? And then to take it a step further, have you ever thought about what … Read More

Epic Adaptations: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Lord of the Flies, & More!

Videos, YA Movie & TV News

We’re going back to the 80s, falling in love, and writing letters in this month’s edition of Epic Adaptations! Jesse from the Booktube channel jessethereader) is here to share all the book-to-screen adaptation news you need to know. Watch to find out … Read More

15 Fairy Tale Retellings That Live Up to the Hype


If you’re an epic reader and total YA book nerd, you know that one of our favorite genres is that of the fairy tale retellings. So many of these stories are so inventive and we bow at the creative genius … Read More

Read the First 4 Chapters of Pride!

Sneak Peeks

Get ready for the remix of a lifetime because we’ve got a sneak peek into PRIDE, one of our most anticipated September releases! Ibi Zoboi’s latest novel is a modern retelling of Pride & Prejudice…with a badass main Afro-Latino main character AND it’s set … Read More

Get Pop Cultured With Our August Book Recs!

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WE KNOW WE’RE CUTTING IT CLOSE, BOOK NERDS. Please forgive us. But we made it, we’re back from our reading and TV and movie binge vacations with a bunch more great book recs based on everything we’ve been loving. What … Read More

The Full Two Dark Reigns Trailer Will Leave Your Jaw on the Floor

Three Dark Crowns Series, Videos

All right, people, we’re in the home stretch. We’re just one week out from the release of TWO DARK REIGNS—the third (and second-to-last!) book in Kendare Blake’s epic dark fantasy THREE DARK CROWNS quartet. And today we’re freaking out, because we have … Read More

Are These John Green Quotes Real or Did We Make Them Up?


How well do you really know the John Green quotes that everyone has fallen in love with? We bet it’s not as well as you think. Unless, of course, you’re John Green himself. you caught me. — John Green … Read More

Book Nerd Problems: “Fixing” a Book Display


Okay, we know it’s not really the most HELPFUL thing, but really… isn’t it? A book’s whole performance could depend on its placement in a fancy book display. And some book stores totally disregard YA books or shove them to the … Read More

28 Books Guaranteed to Break You Out of a Reading Slump

Book Nerds Unite, Featured, Lists!

Is there anything more tragic for a book nerd than getting caught in a reading slump?! Cliffhangers we can get over, and character death pain eventually heals. But reading slumps have the potential to mess up our entire planned schedule and stop … Read More

Read the Prologue and First Two Chapters of Two Dark Reigns!

Sneak Peeks

Today, book nerds, we ask you to travel back in time with us. The year is 2016, it’s late September, and we’ve just finished THREE DARK CROWNS. We are completely SHOOK, and cannot imagine the story getting any wilder. Fast forward … Read More

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