10 Love Triangles in YA Guaranteed to Tear Your Heart in Two


Love is messy. And you know the feelings start to become weirdly real when you fall deep into a twisted romance that keeps you feeling some type of way, even when it’s over. Yep—we’ve been there. Love triangles have been … Read More

The Official List of Harper’s Summer 2019 YA Cover Reveals

Cover Design, Epic Reads Exclusives, Featured

Yes, we know, summer just ended, but that’s no reason we shouldn’t already be looking forward to the time next year when we’ll be able to kick back on the beach with a big stack of books! Honestly, just the idea … Read More

It’s a Dream Come True! 7 New Spinoffs That We’re Getting


It’s a bittersweet feeling when a book ends, and as fantastic as it was, you’re bummed that you’ll never get to experience reading it for the first time again. But then, PLOT TWIST, the author comes to your rescue and … Read More

Tell Us How You Feel About These Horror Clichés and Get a Book Rec


It’s a new kind of fright night this season—one that’s particularly more bookish than you ever could’ve thought before! That’s because we’re teaming up with Barnes & Noble to bring you the most epic selection of spooky, ghastly, and chilling reads for … Read More

Books to Get Cozy With This Fall! | Book Recs from Heidi Heilig


As the legendary Sabrina Spellman said: “Hey witches.” Are you as ready to cozy up with your favorite books as we are? Because no joke, it’s literally all we want to do. But we’re here today to present to you … Read More

Kenji’s Getting His Own Shatter Me Novella… and Its Cover Set Our Hearts Ablaze

Cover Design, Epic Reads Exclusives, Shatter Me Series

All right, SHATTER ME fans—the time has finally come. We’ve asked for it, and Tahereh Mafi delivered! The Kenji-centric Shatter Me novella, the story that we have been waiting all our lives for, is happening and will be available for March 5th! It’s the … Read More

23 Books to Indulge the Riverdale Obsession We Know You Have

Lists!, Pop Culture

Praise the TV scheduling gods, because one of our fave young adult-esque shows is finally back on our screens and back in our life! We can finally stop rewatching old RIVERDALE episodes and tune in for all the new (demonic?) … Read More

Prepare to Have Your Heart Stolen by These ‘What If It’s Us’ Bookmojis

Epic Reads Exclusives

If you’re reading this, then CONGRATULATIONS! You survived October 2nd, AKA the day that a million new amazing books entered the word, and, maybe most important the day that WHAT IF IT’S US hit shelves! The YA universe as we know … Read More

Behind the Breathtaking Blown Glass Cover of This Year’s Darkest New Fairy Tale

Cover Design, Epic Reads Exclusives

Have you ever seen a book cover that is so absolutely stunning you just need to drop everything and stare at it for a while? And then you lowkey consider getting it tattooed in your body in some format, because it’s just that … Read More

Feeling #Blessed? Read an Exclusive Excerpt of The Healer

Sneak Peeks

Imagine if people thought you were a saint. No, seriously. If people worshipped the very ground you walked on, and all you wanted to do was be a normal teen. Because this is the EXACT predicament Marlena Oliveira has in THE HEALER. … Read More


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