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We love it when stylists create outfits inspired by book, so we decided to challenged the fashion blog, CLOSET FREAKS, to do a Carrie Diaries-inspired photo shoot. The results are nothing less than fabulous!

Closet Freaks Carrie Diaries Photo Shoot




Breakdown of the outfit that Anthony is wearing:
Suit – Joe Fresh
Shirt – Frank & Oak
Tie – topman
Shoes – Nordstrom 1901


Melanie’s dress is LA Glo available on





Closet Freaks Carrie Diaries Inspired Photo Shoot




We’re Anthony and Dustin. Or “Dustony.”  But also known as “Closet Freaks.” We’re a happy couple of almost two years and you’d be too if you could share your closet and all your clothes with your significant other! We’re a dynamic, fun-loving, fashion-minded, 20-something duo living and loving together in Jersey City. A structural engineer by day, Anthony’s the style genius and “brains” behind our operation and Dustin, an active dogwalker and aspiring singer, brings the voice and “beauty” to the blog.

Closet Freaks was a personal project that was born when we moved into our first apartment together. Once we started sharing a tiny closet, we soon discovered that we wore the same size clothes (and shoes)! From there the idea took off and Closet Freaks has become a personal style and lifestyle blog where we document our outfits and write about menswear and fashion through our light-hearted and unique perspective on style. We aim to inspire others to dress their best no matter what the budget and always try to deliver our best advice and freshest ideas.

Melanie Schnitzlein of Sketchy Blonde contributes a female perspective to street style on the blog, styling and sketching her favorite womenswear looks.


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****All photos courtesy of Apneet of****


What other YA books would you love Closet Freaks to do a photo shoot for?