Fun Stuff

Remember Entwined, that amazing novel by Heather Dixon? (Really, you haven’t read it yet? You should probably fix that problem right now.)

Well, we just discovered the most epic, fan-curated Pinterest board filled with images that are so completely dead on to the style and themes in the book.

View the entire board here or browse through our favorites below:



This is the perfect setting, right?


OMG this dress. THIS DRESS.


It’s like decadence threw up in this room….AND WE LOVE IT.


Not sure if that’s really all that comfortable, but whatevs, we love this image.




Somehow we doubt they are dancing to Beyonce in this image.


Can totally picture Azalea in this room with her father. Also, totally had to post this one because, in case you didn’t know, we’re kind of obsessed with books.


View the rest of the images here and if you haven’t read Entwined yet but these images strike your fancy, take your interest one step further and start reading it now!