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This is a guest post from Charles Benoit, author of our October book club pick FALL FROM GRACE. Find out why we chose it for our book club here

Fall from Grace dedication

There are three things friends and family often say about my books: “You should write a book about my life,” “Give me a free copy,” and “Dedicate your next book to me.” While I’ll name characters after them and give away far too many books, all of my books are dedicated to Rose. There are a million reasons why. Here’s one.

Long before my editor sees the manuscript—and way long before the public gets a chance to read it—Rose has gone through it a dozen times, pointing out all the errors in logic, all the gaping plot holes, the paper-thin characters, the sloppy writing, the wooden dialog, the outdated slang and the attempts at humor that made her laugh, but not in a good way. She’s brutal and unsympathetic, and I love her for it.

Now of course she points out all the stuff she likes. No one gives me more praise for my writing and no one seems to get as much joy out of reading the things I created than Rose. But she knows that that’s not what I need. She knows that I need the kind of honest, insightful and direct feedback that will enable me to write the book I always meant to write and not the one that landed on the paper first. She knows what I’m capable of as a writer and pushes me to go beyond that—not just with every book or every chapter, but with every paragraph, every line, every word choice. Could I write a book without Rose’s help? Yes. Would it be as good? No.

So that’s one reason I’ve dedicated every book I’ve written to Rose. As for the other 999,999,999 reasons, use your imagination. I guarantee you this—the reality is even better.

Charles Benoit and his wife Rose

If you wrote a book, who would you dedicate it to? Check out FALL FROM GRACE here!