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14 Activist Books That Will Help You Fight Back

OKAY. Let’s address the elephant in the room. The world is really crazy right now! You know it, we know it, we all know it! There has been A LOT of stuff going on, and sometimes it’s easy to feel alone, helpless, or even tired. We can’t help but notice that our entire twitter feed is filled with conversations about things happening in the real world. So we are crawling out of our book nooks today and acknowledging it! Let’s talk about it. Join us on twitter all day today for book recs that will give you hope, help you fight back, give you peace of mind, WHATEVER it is you need. We’ll also be having some #realtalk on twitter about the political and social issues of today, activist books, and what we as book nerds can do to spark change. Join us here @EpicReads and use the hashtag #YAactivism for the conversation! If you can’t join us on twitter but still need recs or are reading this after our chat (don’t worry it’s not too late!), below you’ll find 12 activist books that will give you hope and help you fight back. LET’S DO THIS FAM. It’s important.


Activist Books


1. The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

We said it once, we said it twice, we’ll say it again. The Hate U Give is the most important book you’ll read ALL YEAR. It’s an absolute must. The Hate U Give gave us courage, bravery, and perspective. This book will give you laughs, cries, and so much more. It CANNOT be missed.


2. All American Boys by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely

All American Boys!!! this book is perfect for today, here, and now. This book explores race relations through two perspectives and is eye opening, to say the least. We are raving about this book. And it will CERTAINLY help you fight back.


3. The Female Of The Species by Mindy McGinnis

When we finished this book we were waving our feminist flag SO high. We are talking fist in the air screaming GIRL POWER at the top of ourlungs. This book will give you what you need if you’re looking for intensity, power, and a main character who is Wonder Woman in human form.


4. Into White by Randi Pink

Into White gives its reader a chilling experience and a much-needed perspective. This book explores the realities of being a black woman in America today, the unrealistic beauty standards of our society, and much more. This book is soooo touching. We cried through this one.


5. X by Ilyasah Shabazz

This. THIS. Is activism. This book will give you courage, and you’ll learn the story of one of the most powerful activists in history- Malcolm X. It’s important, it’s riveting, it will help you fight back.


6. Night by Elie Wiesel

This first person of Nazi-era Germany is horrifyingly powerful. This story WILL break your heart. You WILL cry. But ultimately, it’s important to know about the past in order to learn from mistakes and prevent them in the future. Bring tissues, and get ready to have some hard conversations after this one!


7. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Ahhh The Hunger Games. Often it’s easy to chalk this book up to a dystopian thriller but we put this one on here because of its message and what it stands for. Fighting for what’s right, never giving up, and ALWAYS speaking up for what you believe in. Thank you, Katniss.


8. I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai

If you haven’t heard of Malala yet, you are REALLY missing out. This girl is a superhero. If you are in need of courage, hope, and power, then this book is for you. We’ll leave the rest to the description cause it’s 100.


9. The Boy in The Striped Pajamas by John Boyn

THIS. BOOK. STOP. NO. OMG. We cried like BABIES. Seriously just sobbed and bawled and sobbed some more. This story will tug at your heart strings and remind you that sometimes it’s the people we love most that we need to have those hard conversations with. It’s worth it.

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10. Dreamland Burning by Jennifer Latham

Wow. I mean. This book had us from page one. We felt totally transported in time and learned some VERY valuable lessons. It reminded us of all those people who have fought back in the past, and it inspired us to act now and to keep fighting for what we believe in.

“The lives that ended that night mattered. It was a mistake for this city to try to forget, and it's an even bigger one to pretend everything's fine now. Black men and women are dying today for the same reasons they did in 1921. And we have to call them out, Rowan. Every single time.” • Jennifer Latham, Dreamland Burning – I've read a few great books recently that I really enjoyed and haven't posted about (Cafe by the Sea was sweet and light, The Scorpio Races was atmospheric and wonderful) but I really wanted to talk about this one. As a white child, I thought racism was something we only read about in history books. As I grew, I realized there were still racists. As I grew even more, I realized it was still a systemic problem. Stories like these are ones I need to read. Opening my eyes to a reality not just in history, but current. It's a shame we don't learn about what happened in Tulsa in 1921 in schools. These stories need to be told and heard and felt. 💔

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11. The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth

Another dystopian that teaches us when the going gets tough you don’t give up. To be Divergent means to fit in everywhere. I like to think we are all Divergent, each of us a small piece of each other. Let’s not forget that! We all have more in common than we think we do.


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12. Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin

Wolf by Wolf is such an important read right now because it stresses the idea of taking an active role in society. It proves that one person really can make a huge difference. It will absolutely inspire you to keep fighting for what’s right.


13. Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan

Two Boys Kissing will give you a laugh, but also give you the push to speak up for what’s right. It will give you a new perspective on prejudice and discrimination, and reinforce the importance of being yourself! And being proud!!


14. Hope Was Here by Joan Bauer

This book about a corrupt government official highlights the importance of being politically active and driven. It is IMPORTANT to be aware of how those who hold public office affect your everyday life, and the social climate in the country you live in. Knowledge is power. And hey that reminds us…. are you 18? You should register to vote. Do it. Do it right here!

I finished this book yesterday. Bringing my book count so far to 2!! It was an average read. I didn't fall in love with any character and I wasn't even attached to any. I guess this was because such a short read (just under 190 pages) there wasn't enough time to develop. The lapsing of time and how fast it was moving had me feeling weird. I loved the idea of the story though and I think with a few more pages, this could have been A1. What book did you just finish? #books #bookstagram #bookish #bookblogger #bibliophile #booklover #reading #read #booktube #igreads #booklove #books #bookish #bookworm #bookaddict #booknerd #lovebooks #instabook #bookaholic #booksofinstagram #yalit #yalovin #bookphotography #yalova #booklove #bookblog #joanbauer #hopewashere

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Don’t forget to join us on twitter all day today @EpicReads (and any other time you want to chat) to talk about these activist books, topics, and getting involved! See you there!

What are other activist books you reading right now? Any other suggestions? Tell us in the comments below!!

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