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All the Books We're Publishing in 2016

If 2016 were an emoji, it’d be the 💯 emoji because this year is going to be the most epic year yet for YA books!

We put together another reading infographic for all you beautiful Book Nerds out there! This graphic lists out EVERY SINGLE ONE of our new, young adult book releases that are coming your way in 2016 and we went ahead and sorted them into 10 genre categories (you’re welcome). How many of these books do you plan on reading? Download and print the PDF here so you can check off and keep track of your progress!

(Click on the image below to view it at a larger size!)

Epic Reads 2016 At-A-Glance Infographic

Fun facts!

  • There are 133 total books on this infographic.
  • All of the books are ordered by the dates in which they publish. (We did not include the publication dates because those can change.)
  • All of the books are new releases, so the majority are publishing for the first time in hardcover, but a handful are ebooks and paperback!
  • Here are the number of books per category:
    • Sci-fi: 12
    • Retellings: 9
    • Mystery/Thriller: 15
    • Realistic Fiction: 26
    • LGBTQIA: 6
    • Horror: 6
    • Fantasy: 25
    • Historical Fiction: 4
    • Dystopian: 6
    • Contemporary Romance: 24
  • As you can tell, 2016 is going to be a big year for fantasy books!
  • You can browse all of our books here!
  • Just remember, these are just the books WE are publishing next year! This doesn’t include all of the YA books from the other publishers. We hope your bookshelf is ready for all of the awesome that is coming your way!

Reading Challenges!

  • Read all 133 books on this list!
  • Read all of the books in one genre category (or more)!
  • Read at least 1 book in every genre.
  • Read all of the books in a genre you are least familiar with.

How many of these books do you plan on reading? Tell us in the comments below!