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Banned Books Week Call Me Maybe

Did you know that the practice of banning books has been around since 387 B.C.? Today, in all 50 states, there are cases of books being censored – either being banned, challenged or altered in one way or another. We here at Epic Reads want to celebrate Banned Books Week (September 30th – October 6th) and help raise awareness on this subject. Below you will find a slew of resources you are free to use, share, reblog and discuss with your friends and fellow readers.

Challenged Books: Books that people are trying to remove or restrict from schools, libraries, ect.
Banned Books: If a group of people challenge a book and they win, then the book is banned and removed from public spaces like schools, libraries, ect.

The books that are challenged usually fall into three offending categories:
1. The book is considered to be too sexualy explicit 
2. The book has offensive language
3. The book is unsuited for the age group

Ummm…..restricting what kids and teens can read? Yeah, we’d say that’s a problem.

If you’re like us and proud to read banned books and think the whole business or censoring books is just flat out wrong, then show your support! Read a banned book this week and tell your friends to join the cause! Feel free to post one of our badges to your blogs or use them as your Facebook or Twitter profile images for the week!

 Proud to be a banned book reader! Download this badge on Epic Reads! Proud to be a banned book reader! Download this badge on Epic Reads!
Proud to be a banned book reader! Download this badge on Epic Reads! Proud to be a banned book reader! Download this badge on Epic Reads!

For embed codes and smaller badges with transparent backgrounds click this link!

1. Watch this awesome video in support of Banned Books Week from Bookmans
2. Download this challenged and Banned Books teaching guide
3. Official Banned Books Week website

Are some of your favorite books on this list? Tell us about your banned book reading below! Have you ever been in a school where a book was banned? How do you support Banned Books Week and finally, what are some of your favorite banned or challenged books?

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  1. October 3, 2012 | 5:41 am

    I totally support Banned Books Week! I go to a really strict Christian school. Back when I was in pre elementary, Harry Potter became really famous- and our school banned it. My mom told me they even sent out flyers to students discouraging them from watching the movies. I mean, seriously? O.o

    Three years ago, I finally read the entire series, watched all the movies, and I loved it. I couldn’t understand why our school banned it! Yes, it might be about magic, but HP also talks about sacrifice, love, and friendship! It was really beautiful, and I am really thankful that I read it- may it be banned or not! Because by banning it, a lot of kids missed out, and its their loss. :(

  2. October 27, 2012 | 11:59 pm

    A school where I used to live banned a book with family that had gay couple and a kid called ‘my two mums’ or something like that. that’s totally wrong!

  3. January 16, 2015 | 2:02 pm

    I can’t believe the Giver was challenged. It is such an amazing book.

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