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Okay, ready Scarlet Guard? Deep breaths. We’re gonna take a look back at some of our all time favorite RED QUEEN moments! AND DON’T SCROLL DOWN IF YOU HAVEN’T FINISHED, BECAUSE THIS POST IS FULL OF SPOILERS!

Now that the RED QUEEN series has come to an end, we’ve had some time to process our emotions in the wake of WAR STORM and really, truly, finally reflect on how amazing it was. The finale was full of some fantastic, jaw-dropping moments, which, to be honest, is the norm for Victoria Aveyard’s books. There are so many moments, in fact, that we recently asked Instagram for the best moments and we were flooded with comments!

So, thank you to everyone who responded, but now we’re going to make it even more difficult for you! Take a look at some of the most mentioned RED QUEEN moments below and rank them by your favorites! Which will come out on top? That’s up to you to decide!


Rank your favorite Red Queen moments!


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Do you have a favorite moment that didn’t make the list? Let us know below!

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