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Love epic tales starring brave characters on incredible journeys (think Katniss and Peeta of The Hunger Games)? Then you’ll swoon over Sarah Crossan’s Breathe – the first title in an incredible new series that the book bloggers are adoring. Find out why in 3, 2, 1…


Blogger review roundup for BREATHE by Sarah Crossan1. brandileigh2003 @ Triangle Mommies says: “I tore through this book, due to the great writing and superb pacing. There was always something going on, action as well as internal character struggles and growth. There were moments when I wanted to cry for the characters, others I wanted to cheer for them, and then others where I felt anger for them because of Breathe‘s actions.” Read the full review


2. Paula @ Reading Lark says: “This book is smart, action-packed, horrifying, and SO GOOD. The idea of living every day under the threat of a reduced oxygen supply is in itself enough to make me nervous; the thought of going out to explore the Outlands with only the air I can carry in a tank on my back is terrifying. The concept of having our ability to breathe freely threatened drives the action of this plot, and keeps the dramatic tension at a deliciously high level.” Read the full review


3. KatieB @ Mundie Moms says: “…there was just something about this book that made it hard for me to put down; and I ended up reading it in one sitting. The world building was good, the storyline was engaging and I found myself intrigued with Breathe‘s characters.” Read the full review


4. Harriett @ Chicklish says: “This book is full to the brim with gripping action, a small amount of thriller, revolution and love. It had me turning pages all the way to the end, when I was sad to see it go…a sensational first book in a fabulous trilogy, set in a perilous and devastated world.” Read the full review


5. Amber @ Books of Amber says: “…a brilliant book. The world building and the writing were some of the best. I’ll definitely be reading the second book to see where that takes us.” Read the full review


6. Yara @ {Once Upon a Twilight} says: “…Sarah writes a story like it’s never been written before…I LOVEDDDDD everything about this book. The book feels so real, like it can happen and everything Sarah wrote makes sense. The characters play their parts very well. You literally feel like you step into these pages and are traveling along with Quinn, Bea & Alina. I can’t wait for the next installment to come out next year.” Read the full review


7. Eileen @ Singing and Reading in the Rain says:Breathe was…how do I give it justice? It was amazing. It was epic. It was one of my favorite books this year.” Read the full review


8. Shelley Romano @ Gizmos Reviews says: “I started it in the morning, and finished it by the time it was time to eat dinner. I was fascinated by the way the story was told, and how even though the characters are from different walks of life, they end up with similar goals in the end…I look forward to seeing more of them in Resist.” Read the full review


9. Gemma @ Passion for Novels says: “…a brilliant read and on my list of all time favourites. I enjoyed every minute of this book and was hooked from the first page.” Read the full review


10. Kayla @ Bibliophilia, Please says: “I won’t deny that there was a lot of Extra Magic in Breathe. I was immediately sucked into the book and never lost interest in it…So what exactly is that Extra Magic? *shrugs* It doesn’t matter. I just liked the book. The idea of humanity surviving the apocalypse under a dome has been done many times before, but Crossan made this story her own.” Read the full review


What did you think of BREATHE? Leave your thoughts and reviews in the comments! Haven’t read it yet? Start reading the first few chapters here >>