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Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris exploded onto the scene this April and had dystopian and thriller fans buzzing for this new series that some have called a cross between I Am Number Four and the TV show Fringe. So what are people saying about Unraveling? We’ve gathered snippets of reviews from five different bloggers. Check out their full reviews and don’t forget to tell us what you think of Unraveling!

1. Damaris @ Good Choice Reading says: “Each year I look for that one book that gets under my skin and has me thinking about it days later and this year that book, for me, is Unraveling.” Read the full review

2. Jenny @ Supernatural Snark says: “The story itself is a perfect combination of simple and complex, giving us just enough scientific information to create genuine plausibility, but not throwing so many technical terms and complicated theories at us that we get ejected from the story due to incomprehension.” Read the full review

3. Hippies, Beauty and Books Oh My says: “Unraveling started off with a big bang and some major action, which didn’t seem to let up for a second.” Read the full review

4. Andye @ Reading Teen says: “I really think fans of sci-fi, dystopia, and post-apocalyptic books will enjoy this as much as I did.” Read the full review

5. Heidi @ Miss Literati says: “New author, Elizabeth Norris, dishes out the right amount of romance, intrigue, suspense and danger. Her storytelling will put you in the scene and have you craving for more.” Read the full review

Now you know what to expect from this action-packed debut. Will you be adding Unraveling to your bookshelf? Already own a copy? We want to see it! Upload a photo of it on your shelf here.