Brace yourself bookworms! There’s a new author in the YA world known as C.J. Redwine, and she has just unleashed the eagerly-anticipated (and incredibly epic!) Defiance. Haven’t heard the hype yet? Check out what ten book bloggers are saying about the debut – and why they want you to pick up a copy ASAP!

1. Jaime @ Two Chicks On Books says: “I am completely obsessed with this book and C.J.’s writing is stunning! Absolutely breathtaking! She had me hanging on the edge of my chair with the action, cringing at the bad guy Commander Chase (who btw is way worse than Warner from Shatter Me IMO!!!!!!!) and swooning like an idiot during the…what did CJ call it in the acknowledgements? Oh yes awkward kissing scenes lol! Yeah my heart did little flips and yep I cried surprise, surprise. ;)” Read the full review

2. Nancy @ Tales of the Ravenous Reader says: “To say that I was stuck to this story like cling-wrap would be an understatement. I forgot to eat, did not want to sleep until I read every last word and even after the last word was read I wished I had more to go on.” Read the full review

3. usagi. @ birth of a new witch says: “Nothing like a little post-apocalyptic high fantasy dystopian to brighten your day. Yeah, you got that right – this book ties all three genres together to make an awesome story with an awesome heroine.” Read the full review

Defiance4. Danny @ Bewitched Bookworms says: “One of the most alluring aspects of Defiance is the kick-assery of both protagonists! Neither Rachel, nor Logan would ever be considered as a victim or as weak! Loving both was easy and instant.” Read the full review

5. Anne Calayag @ Everything A-to-C says: “Rachel and Logan’s relationship reminded me of Romeo and Juliet. Not to say they’re a tragic couple but the willingness to sacrifice their own lives just make it seem like they’re star-crossed lovers who would move heaven and hell for one another. Their growing relationship was as beautiful as it gets!” Read the full review

6. Rachel @ The Readers Den says: “There are enough questions and things left undone that I’m anxious for the next book. Yet, we’re not left with the pain and frustration of a cliffhanger, just excited anticipation awaiting the next book. This is a brilliant debut from author C.J. Redwine!” Read the full review

7. Kristina @ Ladybug Storytime says: “…fast-paced and action packed. There was never a dull moment and I literally could not put this book down!” Read the full review

8. Eunice @ Book Overdose says: “C.J. Redwine really did an amazing job in showing the significance of each of Rachel and Logan’s roles in the story and showing each of their journeys through their own POVs. Both were made to be the main characters equally.” Read the full review

9. Gretchen @ My Life Is A Notebook says: “The Commander of Baalboden is CREEPY and EVIL as all get out, and once things get started they don’t stop. Redwine also had no problem hurting or killing off characters to prove a point, which kept the stakes high on every page.” Read the full review

10. Carina @ Carina’s Books says: “Defiance is an amazing book, with amazing characters, and a stunning plot.” Read the full review

Defiance is available in bookstores and on eBook now! Watch the trailer below or start reading here: