What book is set to rock your world this fall? That would be C.J. Hill’s ERASING TIME – a heart-racing futuristic tale revolving around twin sisters evading the government and attempting to protect their secrets. Check out what the reviewers are saying about this epic new release!

Blogger reviews for Erasing Time

1. Leslie @ Working for the MANDROID says: Erasing Time “…is surprising, addicting and fun. It gave something for my English geek side to think on while also entertaining my science-loving side. What I was expecting was a light fluffy, happily-ever-after story that had time travel as a tiny element of a much lighter story. What I got instead was actual moments of hard science fiction within a well-constructed story that also had a heavy dose of the meaning of language and how our current society could be misconstrued someday down the road.” Read the full review

2. Nori @ Nori’s Closet says: “The combo of time traveling, twins, dystopia, romance, the future, rebellion, mafia, and a pinch of zombie was just so awesome! What’s not to like?” Read the full review

3. Anna @ Literary Exploration says: “I found it extremely hard to put down and there were so many elements that made it incredibly original for a dystopian. I could never really guess who was good and who was bad, and the characters were all so different that I managed to find a bit of myself in all of them.” Read the full review

4. Brooke @ Brooke Reports says: “I loved the world in this book. I want to live there. SO bad. It was so fantastically amazing. And the characters in this book!? So insanely unique, even the twins Taylor and Sheridan were completely different. And the people who live in Traventon? So phenomenally eccentric in the most unbelievable way!” Read the full review

5. Suz @ A Soul Unsung… says: “Erasing Time paints an amazingly thrilling portrait of the strength and love between two sisters, as they take incredible risks against what seems like a backdrop of overwhelming odds facing them. It’s an epic battle full of action and intense moments, where they find themselves fighting for their own survival in a world that’s chaotic and confusing for them. C.J. Hill brings this amazing story to life with wonderfully developed characters, thrill-seeking danger and action, and a wonderfully written plot.” Read the full review

6. Julianna @ The Reviews News says: “Erasing Time was fascinating… one heck of a thrill ride.” Read the full review

7. Valia Lind @ Valia Lind Writes says: “C.J.’s use of words and descriptions will transport you 400 years in the future and take you on a journey like no other!” Read the full review

8. Giselle @ booknerd says: “Love the technology in this one. It seems rather colorful. Kind of like the Capital in The Hunger Games. I love the futuristic setting that C.J. has built. Really loved it. I cannot wait until the next book. There’s so many questions I need to get answered.” Read the full review

9. Tara @ HOBBITSIES says: “…an engaging dystopian with heavy sci-fi bits, like TIME TRAVEL. The characters were awesome, and I loved the TWIST.” Read the full review

10. Dylan @ Epic Book Reviews says: “…the characters and action were amazing; and there were two HUGE plot twists that blew me away! …I cannot wait for the rest of the series!” Read the full review here


Have you read ERASING TIME? What did you think? Haven’t read it? Browse inside the first couple of chapters here