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Why do book bloggers love Cynthia Hand’s Unearthly trilogy (which includes Unearthly, Hallowed, the novella Radiant, and the most recent addition, Boundless)? Obviously, for many of the same reasons that we do (boys, magic, adventure, oh my!); but we’ll let them tell you in their own words.


END IS HERE EXPERT: Jessica @ Total Bookaholic says:

“Unearthly is just as magical inside the pages as it looks from the cover of the book. I had high expectations for this novel and I must say that it surpassed those and took me on a journey I never dreamed of.” Read the full review


1. MindySue @ Reading For Sanity says:

“I liked that Clara’s relationships evolved over the course of the book and that I couldn’t anticipate how things were going to end. The not knowing only made the finding out that much more delicious. And the kisses! There is something to be said about steamy kisses and swoon-worthy moments that do not end in the bedroom. Unearthly has a few of them and they left my heart pounding. I’m surprised you didn’t hear it!” Read the full review


2. Aidy @ AIDY Reviews says:

“Cynthia Hand truly has a way with words that brings the story to life on the pages and really manages to get that story to stick with the reader. Even when I had finished reading, when I had walked away from the book to do something else, my mind would wander back to the story as I imagined what would happen next or why certain things happened the way they did and what that could all mean. It is something like this that I always love about stories and it therefore, can be no surprise that Unearthly is a book that will stick with me for a long time…” Read the full review


3. prophecygirl @ Wondrous Reads says:

Unearthly…is brilliant. Seriously, it’s like discovering a breath of fresh paranormal air after being trapped in a heavy fog for a couple of years. The writing is fantastic and I really couldn’t tell that Cynthia Hand is a debut author; her prose is utterly compelling…” Read the full review


4. Jennifer @ The Bawdy Book Blog says:

“…the perfect trifecta of YA, Paranormal and romance to take you away into dreamland…” Read the full review


5. Stephanie @ Poetry to Prose says:

“Despite the obvious supernatural element — which is also handled very well — the real highlight of Hand’s writing is how she tackles human emotion. The highs, the lows, and everything in between rings true and allows us, the readers, to form a personal connection with her characters. I can’t wait to reunite with them in book three.” Read the full review


6. April @ Good Books & Good Wine says:

“I should stop reading angel books that aren’t by Cynthia Hand because they kind of blow in comparison. Hand basically proved to me that Unearthly wasn’t a fluke and she is truly talented in her sequel Hallowed. Seriously Hallowed is worthy.” Read the full review


7. Amy @ Fictitious Delicious says:

HALLOWED is one of those VERY RARE perfectly written 2nd books in a series! I loved, loved, loved it! With middle books, I sometimes feel like all I am reading is filler to build up to the ending. This is just fine in some cases, but I am often left feeling like I could’ve skipped that middle course and gone straight to the final dessert. With HALLOWED, however, it was like eating a delicious appetizer, incredible main dish, and then I find out that the dessert is FREE! It was THAT good!” Read the full review


8. Anna @ Anna Reads says:

“Cynthia Hand played me, yo! She took me on this extremely well-written emotional roller coaster ride, and I reacted just how she wanted me to react. That takes major skill! And, with a third book on the way*, I feel we just have to go along for the ride … she’s clearly got a plan, and I’m dying to see where she’s taking us.” Read the full review


9. the1stdaughter @ There’s A Book says:

“As a leading lady, Clara Gardner is as close to the perfectly written teen as it comes with all the angst and will power that keeps you wanting her to make the right choices. As a debut author, Cynthia Hand has created a fantastic new world with a cast of characters you can’t forget.” Read the full review


10. Angie @ YA Novelties says:

“Cynthia Hand has created a work of art with the Unearthly series. The gorgeousness of the setting and the writing kept me hooked throughout…while the characters ran around in their own little bubble of Nephilimism. As mysteries were unraveled one by another, I can say that this was one that will keep the reader hooked till the very end, and still grab hold of your thoughts even as you put it down.” Read the full review


Readers sound off! What did you love most about the Unearthly series? And what will you miss most about it now that the final book has arrived? Sound off in the comments or join the discussion happening in the Unearthly forums!

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