We here at Team Epic Reads love a good vacation. It’s time to kick back, soak up the sun, and make progress on alllll our current reads without worry about anything else! But of course, that also means in order to actually go, we need to choose which vacation books to bring…

And how are all the books we want to read supposed to fit in a single suitcase?! Sure, some people would say that shirts and pants and sweats are necessities, but we say, what’s the point in having them if we don’t have enough books to read?! Yep, we said it. Books over clothes any way. But we know we can’t actually go without clothes, so it just means we have to get creative. Luckily we read so many books…


Fitting Our Vacation Books in the Luggage


Find the books featured in this video!


What’s a book that you’ve bought even because you just HAD to have it? Let us know!

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