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Team Epic Reads would like to thank Veronica Roth and Carve the Mark for giving us the (current)gift of starting 2017 in the best flipping way possible. So far this week you’ve been introduced to the world that’s awaiting you, found your currentgift, and been given the tools to craft your own space-themed feast. Before you know it you’ll be wishing you were in Thuvhe, admiring the hushflowers right alongside Akos, Sifa, Eijeh, Cyra, Cisi, and Orieve themselves.

Okay– time out. Are we moving too fast? Those were a lot of names you probably have no idea how to say. TBH you probably don’t even know who they belong to. Carve the Marks roster of characters is pretty big, after all. But have no fear!! Our very own Oracle, Veronica Roth is here to ease our pain! Welcome to the Carve the Mark pronunciation guide!

Watch the video below to learn how to pronounce these names and more, and get an exclusive first look at how they’re all related. Then make sure you get your copy of Carve the Mark on January 17th so you can meet this amazing cast of characters for real!



Need something a little simpler to help you keep track once you have this beautiful book in your hands? Here’s the full list, phonetic spelling included:

Shotet: Show-tet

Thuvhe: Thoo-vuh

Noavek: No-uh-veck

Cyra: S-eye-ruh

Ryzek: Ree-zek

Vas: Vahs

Yma: Ee-ma

Akos:  Ah-koh-s

Aoseh: Ow-suh

Sifa: See-fuh

Eijeh: Eye-juh

Cisi: See-zee

Isae: Ee-say

Orieve: Or-ee-ev-uh (but you can call her Or-ee for short)

It’s day 5 in our #CarveTheMarkCountdown celebration – our seventeen day long event where we’re giving you with exclusive Carve the Mark content every day until the release of Carve the Mark, Veronica Roth’s new spacetastic YA novel, on January 17, 2017!

Which characters are you most excited to meet? Head down to the comment section to let us know! And don’t forget to order your copy of Carve the Mark