• houseofivy

    What Would You Give Up For A Spell?

    04/17/2014 10:28AM | Posted by: TeamEpicReads | Author Guest Posts

    Everyone knows it’s going to cost you when you cast a spells, so Natalie Whipple is telling us what five things she would NOT give up for magic.   Five Things I Could Never Give Up For A Spell By … Continue reading

  • seaofshadows

    The World of Kelley Armstrong

    04/11/2014 2:24PM | Posted by: TeamEpicReads | Author Guest Posts, Get To Know The Author

    BIG things are happening for Kelley Armstrong this week. Her newest captivating novel, Sea of Shadows, hit bookstores and the new (and totally free) app featuring all of her amazing YA books went on sale in the iTunes store! Both … Continue reading

  • frozenVSfrozen-blog

    Disney’s Frozen vs. Erin Bowman’s Frozen

    04/08/2014 12:14PM | Posted by: TeamEpicReads | Author Guest Posts

    Let the storm rage on, reading never bothered me anyway. So next week, Frozen (the sequel to Taken) by Erin Bowman goes on sale and Erin thought it would be good to clear the air and help you understand the … Continue reading

  • heathers

    Top 5 Criminal Duos

    03/28/2014 10:57AM | Posted by: TeamEpicReads | Author Guest Posts

    Elisa Ludwig, author of PRETTY CROOKED and PRETTY SLY, rounds up her favorite fictional couples who are criminally adorable –– or just criminals.     Somehow outlaws are even more fascinating when they come in pairs. Willa and Aidan’s cross … Continue reading

  • wasteland

    19 Things The WASTELAND Authors Would Do If They Only Lived to Age 19

    03/25/2014 3:38PM | Posted by: TeamEpicReads | Author Guest Posts

    In the world of the WASTELAND trilogy, the adults are long gone and no one lives past the age of 19. So we asked the authors, Susan Kim and Laurence Klavan, what they would do if they could only live … Continue reading

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