We’re All In This Together: Arden Rose on Marching for Your Rights

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by Arden Rose   Let’s go back to the magical year of 2015. Life used to feel so manageable, didn’t it? a time in which Trump wasn’t president, Russia wasn’t actively turning the US into a war zone of fake … Read More

8 Gorgeous Quotes that Inspired Calling My Name

Author Guest Posts, Now Quoting

The Quotes of Calling My Name by Liara Tamani At its heart, CALLING MY NAME is a story about a young girl named Taja finding herself and claiming her power. Each section of the novel is introduced with a quote from a … Read More

Zac Brewer: You Are Not Alone

Author Guest Posts, Mental Health Matters

As part of our Mental Health Matters ongoing blog series, we invited Zac Brewer to talk about what connects him to his new book, MADNESS. MADNESS, the newest novel from author Zac Brewer, is an emotional and honest novel about a girl … Read More

Sam J. Miller: Every Handsome Boy Made Me Sick To My Stomach

Author Guest Posts, Mental Health Matters

  Self-esteem isn’t a gendered issue, and that’s only one of the reasons we love THE ART OF STARVING, the powerhouse YA debut from Sam J. Miller. In the pages of this book, we meet Matt, a gay teen boy who struggles with … Read More

Editor’s Pick: How To Write Dynamic Secondary Characters

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Hey aspiring writers! It’s time for another Editor’s Pick. We’re asking editors to break down the mechanics of what makes the writing in some of our favorite books so amazing, and give tips on how you can apply it to … Read More

This YA Author Is Shutting Down Slut-Shaming Trolls Everywhere

Author Guest Posts, Real Talk

In JUST A GIRL, Carrie Mesrobian is setting fire to the unfair stereotypes and the societal constraints placed on teenage girls. Her main character, Rianne, is stuck with an “easy girl” reputation for doing the same exact things guys do … Read More

Real Talk: Black Lives Matter

Author Guest Posts, Real Talk

Angie Thomas’ The Hate U Give explores themes of police brutality, family, community, and what it means to be black in America. Below you’ll learn what inspired bad-ass author Angie Thomas to write such a gripping novel inspired by the … Read More

10 #Famous Memes Reimagined as YA Novels

Author Guest Posts, Lists!, Pop Culture

What if your favorite Internet memes came to life….as YA novels? How great/terrible/WTF would that be? Before we get to the memes, we should probably give you a quick overview of why we are even putting up this blog post … Read More

Here’s How Bad Boys Inspired American Street

Author Guest Posts

When Ibi Zoboi, author of American Street, was younger she had a thing for bad boys. I mean seriously… who doesn’t?! So obviously when she started writing American Street she had to showcase those bad boys and the girls who … Read More

Play A Game Of Would You Rather With Stacey Lee

Author Guest Posts, Videos

Have you ever wondered if you favorite author would rather be really sweaty in front of an audience or be really itchy? Of course you have. Well let me tell you something book nerds, you’re in luck! Epic Reads has … Read More

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