How Music Inspired Girls In The Moon

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IT’S OFFICIAL… we are over the moon about GIRLS IN THE MOON, the heartfelt and lyrical new novel by Janet McNally! Girls In The Moon is about two sisters with rock star parents who find themselves drawn into the world of … Read More

Sonya Sones: My Sister’s Christmas Eve Breakdown

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Sometimes it feels like the only people who understand all the complicated happenings in our lives are the characters from our favorite YA books. When we opened the pages of Saving Red we knew that it was one of those gems. … Read More

The Real Science Behind Replica Will Blow Your Mind

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Lauren Oliver’s new book, REPLICA, just blew our minds. This new two-in-one sci-fi story follows two girls, one of which is a replica. Lyra is a genetically made human being-a clone of sorts. Gemma on the other hand has never … Read More

This Book Will Change How You Think About Rape

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#RealTalk: The Female Of The Species by Mindy McGinnis, is changing the way we talk about rape culture. . . one page at a time. Everyone who has read The Female of the Species can agree that this is one … Read More

5 Things Jen Malone Learned on Her Trip Around the World

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Jen Malone was the definition of #ridingsolo when she came up with the concept for WANDERLOST. She found herself alone, newly single, and traveling the world on only $24 dollars a day (impressive). Jen proves to us that she is … Read More

The Book Nerd Back To School Survival Kit

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So its time to go back, to the hallways and dorm rooms filled with a less book nerdy species. Great. Being a book nerd has its challenges- especially when back to school season comes around. It’s like did  ANYONE else actually … Read More

How to Unplug: 8 Easy Ways to Put Down that Smartphone

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This guide to unplugging this summer is brought to you by Donna Freitas, author of UNPLUGGED––the first YA novel in a new series that is set in both a virtual App World, as well as the Real World. How (and … Read More

Five Great Escapes In Pop Culture

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The final book in Madeleine Roux’s Asylum series is here! ESCAPE FROM ASYLUM, a creepy prequel to ASLYUM set long before Dan, Abby, and Jordan ever walked the hallways of the Brookline asylum—back when it was still a functioning psych … Read More

Completely True Facts About Lady Jane Grey

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We love retellings, reimagining’s, and just plain totally different outcomes to well-known stories. But sometimes it helps to know what really went down before venturing into alternative endings. The new YA novel My Lady Jane crafts a whole new outcome … Read More

15 Ways to Up Your Photography Game

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Posting a photo online is so much more than just that. You have to make sure it’s the perfect, most like-worthy shot, right? Where you stand on a chair on one foot just to ensure you get your frame in. … Read More

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