Kathryn Holmes: Hating the Girl in the Mirror

Author Guest Posts, Mental Health Matters

As part of our Mental Health Matters ongoing blog series, we invited Kathryn Holmes, author of How It Feels to Fly, to shed light on the subject of body dysmorphia. In this post, Kathryn talks about her own experience dancing … Read More

The Most Misunderstood Villains of All Time

Author Guest Posts, Lists!, Pop Culture

Let’s all agree that there are some villains out there that deserve a little less hate and little more respect. Yes, the Evil Stepmother locked Cinderella in a tower. But wasn’t she just looking out for the interests of her … Read More

12 Inspirational Life Lessons We Learned from Tennis

Author Guest Posts

If you love Sarah Dessen, you’ll love Paula Stokes’ latest YA contemporary romance. Maguire has a swoony summer romance that you’ll fall for! But don’t worry, there’s more than just love in the air. Maguire is a tennis player, and … Read More

6 Things To Do The Summer Before College

Author Guest Posts

It’s never too early to start thinking about summer! Especially after reading THE LEAVING SEASON, which is what the main character Middie Daniels calls the summer when everyone graduates high school and leaves home for the first time. So make … Read More

Sherlock Holmes Easter Eggs in A STUDY IN CHARLOTTE

Author Guest Posts, Featured, Pop Culture

The game is afoot, fellow Sherlockians! Here’s Brittany Cavallaro, author of A Study In Charlotte, with a cheat sheet for all kinds of fun Sherlock tie-ins that she slipped into her book. If you’re a diehard Sherlock Holmes fan (whether … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Making a Wish

Author Guest Posts, Fun Stuff

When you wish upon a . . . jar of moonshine? That’s right, good ol’ fashioned, magical wish-granting moonshine is the focus of Kate Karyus Quinn’s imaginative new novel, Down with the Shine. In the novel, Lennie brings her uncle’s … Read More

Kelley Armstrong’s Goodbye Letter to Her Characters

Author Guest Posts

It’s never easy to say goodbye – especially if you’re an author saying goodbye to your beloved main characters! The Age of Legends trilogy comes to a close with the last book, Forest of Ruin. Keep reading for New York Times … Read More

Nerd Alert #15: Let’s Talk About Aliens

Author Guest Posts

Calling all Nerds! In honor of his new book DARK ENERGY, sci-fi expert Robison Wells is reprising his Nerd Alert series, where he explores newsworthy nerd moment from somewhere in the pop culture universe. Since DARK ENERGY (on sale now!) … Read More

DIY Rock Painting with Amy Zhang!

Author Guest Posts, Fun Stuff

In her new book, This Is Where the World Ends, Amy Zhang tells the story of Janie and Micah who’ve been secret best friends since elementary school–spending their time hanging out at a rock quarry in their town. It’s the … Read More

Alternative Endings to Your Favorite Fairy Tales

Author Guest Posts, Fairy Tales!, Pop Culture

And so they all lived happily ever after . . . OR DID THEY????????? Have you ever thought that it’s a little too convenient that fairy tales always end at the perfect moment? The princess kisses the prince, they get … Read More

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