What Type Of Character Are You?

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We all spend a lot of time reading books, but have you ever stopped to wonder what your life would look like as a book? Where would it be set? What genre would it be? Most importantly for this quiz, … Read More

I See London, I See France, I See Gorgeous Bookstagrams

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If you could travel to any bookish world, where would you go? ✈️ . . . #ISeeLondonISeeFrance is a super fun European adventure perfect for a summer read. If you're in NYC, come join us tomorrow at @Forever21 Union Sq, … Read More

The I See London I See France Launch Party At Forever 21 Was A Dream Come True

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ICYMI: We had an awesome time celebrating the launch of I SEE LONDON, I SEE FRANCE in NYC with Forever 21 last night!   So last night, we got the chance to party in NYC with author Sarah Mlynowski, YouTuber … Read More

10 YA Authors You Need To Follow On Instagram

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Anyone who has read a YA novel knows that YA authors are a creative, witty, and talented bunch. Naturally, they’re just as artsy and inspiring on Instagram. If you’re a bookworm, you probably already know about hashtags like #bookstagram and … Read More

How Do You Make Room In Your Budget For Books?

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Budgeting is hard. Budgeting to fit in every single new book of the season is even harder. RIGHT?! Who’s with me?! I mean seriously, there’s gotta be an app for this. But alas, I make it work. Whether I am … Read More

10 YA Books That Will Make You LOL

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I think it’s safe to say that when you spend a majority of your time reading YA novels, you also spend a majority of your time crying your heart/eyes/mind out.  Like, idk about you guys, but I’ve definitely cried myself … Read More

5 Ways Reading YA Prepares You For Adulthood

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Everyone can benefit from reading YA novels, regardless of age. Despite what you may have heard, YA fiction is not all fluff, clichés, and love triangles. The genre tackles unwieldy and … Read More

These Summer Bookstagrams Are On Fire

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What was the last book you read that made you cry? 😢 ——————————– If you are looking for something new to read check out #RamonaBlue by @andimjulie! It's a gorgeously evocative standalone novel about family, friendship, and how sometimes love … Read More

15 Romantic Quotes That Gave Us Unrealistic Expectations Of Love

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This will be one of those moments where most of my genuine reactions can only really be conveyed through noises that would concern most people.  But if you love YA romance novels, you shouldn’t be a stranger to these types … Read More

You’re Invited to the I See London, I See France Book Launch Party at Forever 21 in NYC!

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It’s a book launch party in the Big Apple! Forever 21 and Epic Reads are teaming up to host a book launch party in New York City! We are celebrating the release of Sarah Mlynowski’s hilarious and unforgettable new book, … Read More

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