The Towering Sky Cover is Dazzling, Deadly, and Everything We Wanted

Cover Design, Epic Reads Exclusives

The THOUSANDTH FLOOR series literally sparkles and glitters. The covers are gorgeous and iconic. They have a permanent spot facing out on our bookshelves, and we never would’ve thought they could get any better. Think we’re exaggerating? Not even a little … Read More

The Leah on the Offbeat Cover is Here and It is Perfection

Cover Design, Epic Reads Exclusives

The cover for the SIMON VS. sequel has been revealed—and we are 😍😍😍! You Love(,) Simon 😉. You love Molly. Now get ready to love Leah too (if you don’t already)! LEAH ON THE OFFBEAT, the sequel to Simon vs. the … Read More

Prepare to Be Shocked: The War Storm Cover is Here!

Cover Design, Featured, Red Queen Series

Rally around one last time, Scarlet Guard because the final cover reveal for the Red Queen series is here!! Yes, that’s right we finally have a cover for WAR STORM, the epic conclusion to the Red Queen series and here … Read More

The Brand New Cover for the Carve the Mark Paperback is Here!

Cover Design, Epic Reads Exclusives

Veronica Roth fans rejoice – CARVE THE MARK is coming to paperback on December 26th! The paperback edition will feature a GORGEOUS updated cover which we are revealing right now! Are you ready? Here it is! This cover is basically … Read More

The Official List of Harper’s Summer 2018 YA Cover Reveals

Cover Design, Featured

Is it too early for us to start getting excited about summer? We mean, we know it kind of JUST ended, but there are so many amazing books coming out NEXT summer that we can’t help it! But, fine, we … Read More

Calling My Name: Behind the Cover Design

Cover Design

If you loved EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING and BROWN GIRL DREAMING, then you have to read CALLING MY NAME, a beautiful novel by debut author Liara Tamani.  Taja is an African American teenage girl living in a conservative household in Texas. Her mom expects her … Read More

Three Dark Crowns: Behind The Cover Design

Cover Design

The cover for THREE DARK CROWNS is definitely one of our all time favs. It’s elegant, deadly, and perfectly represents our three favorite triplet-queens. Today we’ve got an exclusive Q&A with the designer of the covers for the series, Aurora … Read More

The Poet X Cover Art Is Drop Dead Gorgeous

Cover Design, Featured

Okay, let’s cut to the chase. Earlier today Teen Vogue revealed the cover for THE POET X by Elizabeth Acevedo – a book about a young latina girl from Harlem who discovers slam poetry as a way to find her voice … Read More

The Official List of Harper’s Winter 2018 YA Cover Reveals

Cover Design, Featured, Lists!

What’s better than books?  Book aesthetics.  Ladies and gentlemen, book nerds of all the lands, may the covers of all your book desires of winter 2018 finally be revealed for your viewing pleasure!  This list entails every young adult book … Read More

Behind The Cover Design Of It’s Not Like It’s A Secret

Cover Design

It’s no secret that Misa Sugiura’s charming new book will steal your heart, and the proof is right on the cover! IT’S NOT LIKE IT’S A SECRET is the sweet and romantic story about Sana, a Japanese-American girl who moves … Read More

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