20 YA Books Worth Saving Your Gift Cards For in 2017

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Gift cards are the greatest, they are like free money. Think of all the books you could be getting with all that free money! BUT WAIT. Don’t spend that ca-ash just yet. Hoard those gift cards, book lovers, because there … Read More

The Essential 2016 YA Gift Guide

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Planning on buying the YA book nerd in your life a new tome for the holidays and don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered with this YA gift guide! Our team of YA experts (mostly people from the … Read More

14 YA Books for Fans of Gilmore Girls

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Are you obsessing over the Gilmore Girls revival like we are?! As we all know, Rory Gilmore is the true book nerd’s BFF. To honor her book nerd spirit we compiled a list of books perfect for Gilmore Girls fans! Witty banter, … Read More

7 YA Westerns for Fans of Westworld

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If you watched the premiere of the new high-concept HBO show Westworld then you definitely had the same reaction as a young Keanu Reeve’s and the rest of us: whoaaaaa. After the dust settled (ba dum tss) you probably had … Read More

24 Dark and Moody YA Books to Read This Halloween

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Boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to read something strange? If you’re in the mood for to read something a little dark, something a little spooky, something a little moody this Halloween season, then we suggest you … Read More

13 YA Books That Will Ease Your Stranger Things Withdrawal

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You’ll devour these books like the demogorgon devoured Barb. For the last few weeks when we’ve been in-between books, we’ve been non-stop binging Stranger Things on Netflix. We are in wayyyy too deep to turn back now and are anxiously anticipating … Read More

25 Books To Read While You Wait for King’s Cage

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King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard (aka Red Queen #3 aka the book we are all dying to read) doesn’t go on sale until FEBRUARY, TWO THOUSAND AND SEVENTEEN which is basically a Book Nerd’s eon (aka a billion years) so … Read More

40 Paperbacks That Are Begging to Be Read This Summer

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Hardcovers may be the untouched museum pieces on our bookshelves, but it’s paperbacks that we truly love to read. Before we recommend some delicious YA paperbacks for your summer reading roster, let us first give you a few reasons why … Read More

Epic Fantasy Book Recommendations Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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The YA epic fantasy you should read next is written in the stars! There are so many new young adult fantasy novels out there that deciding which one to read next can seem like an overwhelming and daunting task, so … Read More

11 Mystery Books to Read While You Wait for the Next Season of Sherlock

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You’ve just finished watching the latest new episode of BBC’s Sherlock and now you must wait FOREVER for the next season! What are you going to do? How will you possibly survive?! We feel you, mystery lovers. We can’t make … Read More

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