Need a Shatter Me Refresher? Watch Team Epic Reads Recap the Series!

Series Recaps, Shatter Me Series, Videos

Are you ridiculously excited to return to the world of the Shatter Me series in RESTORE ME?! Are you also panicking a little bit because you can’t remember everything that happened in the first 3 books? Don’t worry, Team Epic … Read More

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About the Lorien Legacies

Epic Reads Exclusives, Series Recaps

GENERATION ONE is basically everything we love about YA books wrapped into one heroic package. Action, mystery, superpowers, a diverse cast, dynamic relationships between the characters… honestly the list goes on. Of course, the book is set in the I AM … Read More

Read The First Three Chapters Of Shadowcaster

Series Recaps, Sneak Peeks

Alright fantasy nerds. Here’s a handy roundup of everything you need to know about Cinda Williams Chima’s Shattered Realms series. Whether you’re totally new to all things Cinda Williams Chima, a fan of her Seven Realms series who’s ready for … Read More

Take a Trip to the Dark Side of the Rainbow with this Dorothy Must Die Artwork

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Wicked is good. Good is wicked. Four books, nine novellas, too many wicked characters to count, and one evil bitch who just won’t die! We can’t believe the Dorothy Must Die series comes to a conclusion in THE END OF … Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Class: The Stone House

Book Nerds Unite, Series Recaps

The first of three Class novels by Patrick Ness and A.K. Bennett  is hitting shelves on March 7th, and we are SO here for it. If you are one of our UK friends you are probably more familiar with the … Read More

Welcome (Back) To The World Of The Queen’s Thief

Series Recaps

Okay, so who here remembers how exciting it was when The Thief first came out? Anyone? No? Alright, maybe not but don’t feel bad. Megan Whalen Turner’s first Queen’s Thief book came out in 1996, wayyy before YA fantasy was a … Read More

Here Are All The Important Things That Happened In Glass Sword

Red Queen Series, Series Recaps

Are you really freaking excited to read KING’S CAGE but also freaking out because you can’t remember what happened in GLASS SWORD? Don’t worry, we’re always looking out for our fellow Scarlet Guard members and bring you another Red Queen … Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Queen Of Hearts

Series Recaps

Alright book nerds it’s time to head back down the rabbit hole and return to the world of QUEEN OF HEARTS by Colleen Oakes! This twisted trilogy tells the origin story of Wonderland’s most infamous ruler before her mad reign … Read More

Everything You Need To Know About The Endgame Series

Series Recaps, Videos

The last book in the Endgame series, RULES OF THE GAME, is almost here and you might be a little bit scared because there’s a lot going on––12 main characters from all over the world, 3 hidden keys that unlock … Read More

Binge Read This Series: The Jewel by Amy Ewing

Series Recaps, Videos

Prepare yourself: THE BLACK KEY, the final book in the Lone Trilogy series by Amy Ewing, arrives in bookstores on October 4th. *happy dance commence!!!!* Did you almost lose it while reading THE JEWEL? Was the ending of THE WHITE … Read More

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