All of the YA Books Harper is Publishing Next Summer

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😍😍😍😍😍😍 Think of this blog post like the previews before a movie. Want to know what will be hitting bookstores summer of ’17? We’ve got you covered with this cover reveal list! Below you will find a list of ALL … Read More

What Creepy Reads Are On Your TBR List This Halloween?

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🎃 It’s that time of year again book nerds! Every time Halloween season rolls around all we can think about is what creepy read will get us prepared for the scariest holiday on planet earth our favorite holiday! This month Margot counted down … Read More

7 YA Road Trip Maps to Help You Plan the Perfect Road Trip

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Can’t decide where you want to hit the road next? Grab your friends and check out any of these spots inspired by some of our top YA stories—just be prepared for any detours along the way. Plan your perfect YA … Read More

These 12 Bookstagrams Will Light Up Your World

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This week #bookstagram lit up our worlds like nobody else. I mean seriously all these candles make us wish that Instagram had a “smell this photo” feature! Bookstagram just officially proved that there’s nothing like some yummy candles, and a … Read More

The 15 Best Bookstagrams of The Week

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Ok. Wow. Seriously we are FALL-ing more in love with #bookstagram with every passing day. This week, bookstagram showed off its festive fall spirit to celebrate the beginning of cuddle season!!!! These photos just got us so excited to snuggle … Read More

10 YA Humans That are Almost Human


Imagine a world where humans are *almost* human. Your best friend? Her mind is actually a database filled with every fact you’ll ever need to know. Basically, you’re never studying for a test again . Your Boyfriend? He’s as fast … Read More

What Are Your Favorite Epic Fantasies?

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Yes, we know, the wait for Game of Thrones is unbearable – I mean it’s  pretty much worse than the wait for Stranger Things Season 2!!!! The bad news is that we still have a disgustingly long time to wait … Read More

The 13 Best Bookstagrams of the Week

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This week, book nerds brought the heat with endless amazing bookstagrams and we couldn’t help but notice. 😍📷📚 We thought we’d give a shout out to some of our absolute favorite bookstagrammers of the week and we have to give … Read More

What Books Gave You The Biggest Hangovers?

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So two hours ago you were in bed swearing you “weren’t that into this book” and now you’re in the bathroom crying, and singing “baby please don’t goo,” Mike Posner style. The next morning a book hangover hits you so … Read More

Reasons Why Gossip Girl Fans Will Obsess Over The Thousandth Floor

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You know you love Gossip Girl. We feel the same way. Now we need to let you in on why you’re going to flip for The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee, the new YA novel that’s like Gossip Girl set 100 … Read More

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