10 Big WTF Moments in YA

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WARNING: MAJOR BOOK SPOILERS AHEAD!!!! You know those moments where you’re glued to an amazing book and you’re loving every second of it and then out of nowhere the author pulls a dirty move and jabs you in the gut? … Read More

23 Exquisite Palettes Inspired By Our Favorite YA Book Covers

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Color palette inspiration for your dream reading room! Whether you are redecorating, painting your bedroom, shopping for new clothes, or just generally looking to be inspired, we have a color palette for you! Each one was inspired by a different … Read More

9 YA Books That Share Their Titles with Songs

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In which “name that tune” and “name that YA book” bring you to the same answer. One day in the Epic Reads office, while discussing the Moment of Truth series, we found our colleagues were oddly distracted. First, we saw … Read More

7 Signs You’re Living with a YA Parent

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Gosh, Mom, how can you only show up on 20 pages and still manage to be so embarrassing? If you find yourself asking this question, there’s a chance your parents are using young adult books as their parenting manuals. Now, … Read More

The 21 Tastiest YA Book Covers Of All Time

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Bookshelf, bookshelf on the wall, which of these books is the tastiest of them all? In this roundup, we’re combining that which we hold most dear: books and food. And while the contents of these 21 YA books provide a … Read More

Top 10 Places To Be Trapped

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These are real world places, you guys, no HOGWARTS. Megan Shepherd’s latest book, THE CAGE, follows six teenagers who are abducted by an all-powerful species called the Kindred and placed into a “human zoo” for observation purposes. Their enclosure has … Read More

Ballet School Is Worse Than Regular School


If you think ballet school is as easy as grabbing a tutu and doing a few spins, think again. Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton, authors of TINY PRETTY THINGS, are here to set the record straight. Their new novel is … Read More

6 Frenemies in YA


Keep your friends close, your enemies closer and your frenemies the closest of all. So-called “friends” who are only too eager to trip you up and knock you down. VANISHED by E. E. Cooper features three girls in a complicated … Read More

Nine Things You Probably Didn’t Know About SABRIEL

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In celebration of its 20th book birthday today (woah) here are 9 things you probably didn’t know about SABRIEL –the first book in the legendary Old Kingdom trilogy– courtesy of the fantasy master himself, Garth Nix! On choosing the name … Read More

The Definitive Ranking of YA Cover Dresses

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Which dress is THE DRESS to rule them all? It’s time to upvote your favorite dresses as seen on the covers of YA books! With prom and wedding season right around the corner we can’t help but have dresses on … Read More

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