Reasons Why This Is Us Fans Will Obsess Over Far From the Tree

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This Is Us premiered and we were literally SHAKEN TO OUR CORE. We mean come on, finally finding out how Jack died (we won’t give spoilers in case you’re not caught up, but) 😭 So, we couldn’t help but wonder if Robin Benway … Read More

13 Creepy Books to Read This October


Prepare for a fright with these haunting reads—thirteen of our favorite creepy books that will have you keeping the lights on long after you should’ve been asleep. Beware chills, spooks, and possible nightmares that may follow. Do you think you’re … Read More

15 YA Books That Live Up to the Hype


There’s a lot of talk in the YA sphere about what books are genuinely good, which ones are overrated, and which ones need a little more love. We tackled that last one, but now we wanted to take a look at … Read More

10 Mystery Thrillers to Try If You Hate Mystery Thrillers


In this edition of our never-ending quest to convince you that every genre is great, we’re going to be persuading you to give mystery thrillers a try! There is SO MUCH to love about these books. Whether you’re looking for suspense, … Read More

17 Quotes from YA Fiction That Always Make Us Cry


YA fiction is perfect at hitting us in the feels—if you couldn’t tell, we’ve been experiencing this a lot lately. Like, often enough that we rounded up a whole bunch of books that unashamedly make us ugly cry. But sometimes, you … Read More

The 11 Most Haunting YA Characters of All Time


Sometimes you meet a YA character you wish you could date in real life (looking at you, Maxen). And some YA characters haunt your dreams and make you very glad they’re stuck on the page. As Halloween approaches, we’ve rounded … Read More

Top Ten Reasons to Read Katie Cotugno’s Top Ten


Welcome to the most meta of Top Ten lists! TOP TEN is the funny and sweet new novel from Katie Cotugno about two friends who often create top ten lists so obviously we created this list of top ten reasons … Read More

41 Books You Might’ve Missed (But Shouldn’t Have)

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We know—there have been a ton of amazing books this year. And we get it, it’s easy to lose track! But we’re here to help, and have pulled together a bunch of books that might’ve passed under your radar but totally shouldn’t … Read More

Top Ten Quotes About Love

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It’s time for our third list, inspired by TOP TEN by Katie Cotugno! In TOP TEN two best friends countdown their best relationship moments to determine if they should explore the relationship further. Love is always a central theme in Katie’s … Read More

The 18 Most Anticipated YA Books To Read In October

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Okay honestly, time needs to slow down because we are STILL MAKING OUR WAY THROUGH OUR SEPTEMBER TBRs. But that list is about to pile up even higher because there are even MORE amazing books coming out in October that we … Read More

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