13 Empowering Female Characters In YA


A wise woman once asked, ‘Who run the world?’ and promptly answered, ‘Girls.’  That’s right, ladies. Without us, how would the world even go ‘round? Obviously, this isn’t to say that boys don’t contribute their own special talents on occasion, … Read More

14 Activist Books That Will Help You Fight Back

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OKAY. Let’s address the elephant in the room. The world is really crazy right now! You know it, we know it, we all know it! There has been A LOT of stuff going on, and sometimes it’s easy to feel … Read More

9 Books to Read After You Finish Orphan Black


After five wild and surprising seasons, we have finally come to the end of our beloved sci-fi obsession, ORPHAN BLACK. While saying goodbye to the many, MANY faces portrayed by Tatiana Maslany will be no easy task, we’re here to … Read More

10 Contemporary Books To Read if You Hate Contemporary

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It’s quite common for readers to lean towards a specific genre, and, in the process, generally avoid other genres. We all have our likes and dislikes. Maybe you’ve read a few novels in a genre that made you decide it … Read More

The 18 Most Anticipated YA Books To Read In August

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Someone let me know how we’re already looking at August.  I would be more outraged, but a new month means new releases so… I guess the summer already being halfway over is a loss I’m willing to take.  Hopefully some … Read More

Here Are 8 Books To Read After You Watch The Handmaid’s Tale

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So, you’ve finally re-emerged from your Hulu binge-watching cocoon.  Well, be prepared to crawl back in cause Margot’s here with 8 more books/series that will keep you there indefinitely.  Haha, jk.  Just like, another few months or so.  Definitely not … Read More

The Official List of Harper’s Winter 2018 YA Cover Reveals

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What’s better than books?  Book aesthetics.  Ladies and gentlemen, book nerds of all the lands, may the covers of all your book desires of winter 2018 finally be revealed for your viewing pleasure!  This list entails every young adult book … Read More

Julie Murphy Is Our YASSS QUEEN

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If you’re looking for a new Instagram obsession–– look no further. You may know Julie Murphy as the author of the hilariously sassy yet poignant YA masterpiece Dumplin’, and her latest novel Ramona Blue which will break your heart and … Read More

14 Beautiful Libraries We Want To Get Stuck In

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Have you ever walked into a library and thought, “Damn. I’d love to get locked in here and fall in love with a mysteriously adorable bad boy.” Of course you have. If you’ve ever found yoursef frustrated that you have … Read More

10 #Famous Memes Reimagined as YA Novels

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What if your favorite Internet memes came to life….as YA novels? How great/terrible/WTF would that be? Before we get to the memes, we should probably give you a quick overview of why we are even putting up this blog post … Read More

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