Dorothy Gale’s Guide to Life: How To Remake Your Image

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The Wicked Will Rise, the second book in the Dorothy Must Die series, is almost upon us and the series star Dorothy Gale has been taking time out of her “busy” schedule to share little nuggets of life wisdom with … Read More

Dorothy Gale’s Guide to Life: How to Take Over a Magical Land

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In honor of the release of The Wicked Will Rise, the second book in the Dorothy Must Die series coming March 31st, we are hosting a very special guest writer on Epic Reads, Ms. Dorothy Gale herself. Now, you may … Read More

The 18 Most Beautiful YA Endpapers in the World

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Cracking the spine of a hardcover book and discovering beautiful endpapers is a lot like opening the door to a literary surprise party. At first, you’re taken aback: you wonder is this all for me? A stunning cover immediately followed … Read More

Top Sisters In History


Lauren Oliver’s VANISHING GIRLS is on the horizon, and we’re psyched for you to meet Nick and Dara, the main characters who are also sisters. Everything is certainly not perfect in their relationship, especially after one of them goes missing. … Read More

It’s Pop Culture, Sherlock! Our Favorite Rewrites of Sherlock Holmes

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Why does everyone love Sherlock Holmes? Well it’s elementary, my dear reader. He is the master of deduction with skills so spectacular as to be superhuman. But Sherlock Holmes stories would not be complete without Dr. John Watson. Whether the … Read More

#EmojiReads: Book Plots in 140 Characters or Less

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Thank the HEAVENLY technology gods for emojis, otherwise how would we be able to translate our feels digitally? We’ve deconstructed some of our favorite YA plots and reconstructed them with emojis because we are obviously very relevant in the age … Read More

Holly Smale’s Top 10 Fictional Geek Girls

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In honor of the release of GEEK GIRL, our favorite new hilarious take on the geek-to-chic transformation, we asked author Holly Smale for her expert opinion on the definitive ranking of pop culture female geeks!  Holly: Everybody needs a geek … Read More

A (Play)list of YA Music Books

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We made you a literary mix tape because we have a huge crush on you. Inspired by PLAYLIST FOR THE DEAD, the debut novel by Michelle Falkoff, this list is comprised of YA books that heavily feature music and playlists. … Read More

9 Fictional Futures Gregg Rosenblum Can’t Get Out of His Head

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   Of all the ways for humanity to end (and we think about this a lot…) we’d take pretty much anything before robot revolution. Seriously, what’s more terrifying than mechanic death-bots of our own creation turning around to bite the … Read More

10 Clues You’d Rather Be Living in a YA Novel

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For those who see no difference between a YA book and a how to win at life guide, read on. You know those times when you’re so into a book that you forget there is a world around you? And … Read More

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