6 Frenemies in YA


Keep your friends close, your enemies closer and your frenemies the closest of all. So-called “friends” who are only too eager to trip you up and knock you down. VANISHED by E. E. Cooper features three girls in a complicated … Read More

Nine Things You Probably Didn’t Know About SABRIEL

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In celebration of its 20th book birthday today (woah) here are 9 things you probably didn’t know about SABRIEL –the first book in the legendary Old Kingdom trilogy– courtesy of the fantasy master himself, Garth Nix! On choosing the name … Read More

The Definitive Ranking of YA Cover Dresses

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Which dress is THE DRESS to rule them all? It’s time to upvote your favorite dresses as seen on the covers of YA books! With prom and wedding season right around the corner we can’t help but have dresses on … Read More

Road Trip Survival Tactics from FINDING PARIS


Things we learned from reading FINDING PARIS by Joy Preble: HOW TO SURVIVE A ROAD TRIP! When Leonora (Leo) Hollings’ sister Paris vanishes one night from the Heartbreak Hotel Diner, leaving behind a series of strange clues as to both … Read More

Why Are So Many YA Book Titles Exactly 5 Words?

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Three might be the holy number everywhere else but in young adult book titles, five is where it’s at. You’ve all been noticing this too right? Or is it just us? Please take a moment to examine the evidence: •   … Read More

Michelle Zink’s 10 Biggest Pop Culture Lies

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Michelle Zink, author of Lies I Told, is calling out the liars, liars pants on fire in pop culture. And she’s certainly the author for the job. As you might have guessed from the title, the characters in Lies I … Read More

Dorothy Gale’s Guide to Life: How To Remake Your Image

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The Wicked Will Rise, the second book in the Dorothy Must Die series, is almost upon us and the series star Dorothy Gale has been taking time out of her “busy” schedule to share little nuggets of life wisdom with … Read More

Dorothy Gale’s Guide to Life: How to Take Over a Magical Land

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In honor of the release of The Wicked Will Rise, the second book in the Dorothy Must Die series coming March 31st, we are hosting a very special guest writer on Epic Reads, Ms. Dorothy Gale herself. Now, you may … Read More

The 18 Most Beautiful YA Endpapers in the World

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Cracking the spine of a hardcover book and discovering beautiful endpapers is a lot like opening the door to a literary surprise party. At first, you’re taken aback: you wonder is this all for me? A stunning cover immediately followed … Read More

Top Sisters In History


Lauren Oliver’s VANISHING GIRLS is on the horizon, and we’re psyched for you to meet Nick and Dara, the main characters who are also sisters. Everything is certainly not perfect in their relationship, especially after one of them goes missing. … Read More

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