14 Books Featuring Witches That Will Put A Spell On You


Oh, October. Isn’t it just the perfect month? For spellbinding stories with magic, mythical creatures, maybe some mythology, and, oh yes, definitely mayhem. You have some hot coffee or tea in your favorite mug, you’re snuggled up under a cozy blanket, and leaves … Read More

The 11 Best—and Worst—Dates That We’ve Read in Young Adult Books

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We don’t think it’s a controversial position to say that dating is hard. Like, really hard. Which is why it’s great to see the struggle reflected in literature, for better or worse. And yes, we’re looking at you, WHAT IF IT’S … Read More

10 Love Triangles in YA Guaranteed to Tear Your Heart in Two


Love is messy. And you know the feelings start to become weirdly real when you fall deep into a twisted romance that keeps you feeling some type of way, even when it’s over. Yep—we’ve been there. Love triangles have been … Read More

It’s a Dream Come True! 7 New Spinoffs That We’re Getting


It’s a bittersweet feeling when a book ends, and as fantastic as it was, you’re bummed that you’ll never get to experience reading it for the first time again. But then, PLOT TWIST, the author comes to your rescue and … Read More

23 Books to Indulge the Riverdale Obsession We Know You Have

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Praise the TV scheduling gods, because one of our fave young adult-esque shows is finally back on our screens and back in our life! We can finally stop rewatching old RIVERDALE episodes and tune in for all the new (demonic?) … Read More

7 Books Like The Hate U Give to Read After Watching the Movie

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So, THE HATE U GIVE has officially hit screens and we cannot even keep up with the buzz! This movie is so emotional, so stunningly made, and such a breathtaking adaptation of Angie Thomas’s novel that it legitimately left us breathless. For … Read More

14 Female Friendships in Young Adult Books That Gave Us Life


If you, like us, live for women supporting women (in books, in life, in all things—because let’s be real, we need it right now), then do we have a list for you! Because what’s better than all the fierce females in … Read More

12 Books You Should Be Reading on a Stormy Fall Night


Fall is all about pumpkins, spice, and rainbows of leave painting the landscape—oh, wait… this… isn’t that kind of post? This is about the books that embrace the creepier aspects of fall, and delve into the mysteries, bloodshed, and monsters instead? … Read More

10 Young Adult Books Guaranteed to Give You All the Feels


Let’s be honest: Sometimes you just want a book that’s going to put you through the entire range of human emotions. The kind of read that has you laughing one minute and bawling your eyes out the next, or restores … Read More

9 Young Adult Books Perfect for True Crime Podcast Fans


What is it about true crime podcasts that makes them sooooo addictive?! The possibilities are endless. It might be the tension-filled pacing, the “ripped from the headlines” scenarios, or the unpredictable plot twists. Then, on top of all of those, we … Read More

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