Forever 21 is Hosting The Thousandth Floor Book Launch in NYC

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Hey New York, are you ready to party? We are celebrating the release of this fall’s hottest YA book, The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee, at the Forever 21 store in Times Square on August 30th! RSVP on our Facebook … Read More

The Book Nerd’s Guide to Chicago

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Come on babe, why don’t we read the town. Ahhh, Chicago. Home of Barack Obama, deep dish pizza, Divergent, McDonalds, and the Twinkie. We are so excited to introduce you to chi-town (and all that jazz.) Below you will find an … Read More

3 Secrets About CARVE THE MARK

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It’s no secret that we seriously CANNOT wait until January 17, 2017 because that’s when CARVE THE MARK, the start of an epic new duology from Divergent author-extraordinaire Veronica Roth, hits shelves! And as if the wait wasn’t torture enough, … Read More

Lauren Oliver Shows Us How to Read REPLICA

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We’re lucky not to get one but two stories by Lauren Oliver this year …sort of. In a way. Let us explain. REPLICA is two stories in one book about Lyra and Gemma, a Replica and a human. Since it’s not a … Read More

Title Reveal: Becky Albertalli’s Next Book

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Haaaave you read Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli yet? If you haven’t, don’t worry. READ IT NOW. It’s so cute and fluffy you’ll finish in one Oreo-filled sitting. We’ll wait …okay, we can’t wait because we have … Read More

Exclusive Short Story from The Cage

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  An exclusive short story set in the world of the YA scifi novel, The Cage by Megan Shephard. All the books in THE CAGE series are told from a variety of perspectives: Cora, our main protagonist, but also from Lucky, … Read More

Download THE CROWN’S GAME Board Game!

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Now you can play The Crown’s Game …game! No really, we made an actual board game inspired by the new Evelyn Skye fantasy novel! THE CROWN’S GAME….GAME! You’ve landed in a time of turmoil, trysts, and magic in imperial Russia. … Read More

Grab Your Glitter! The Selection Coloring Book Is Happening

Epic Reads Exclusives, Selection Series

If you’re sobbing because the Selection Series has ended, fear not – you can continue to relive your favorite moments of the series with (drumroll please….) The Selection Coloring book, on sale December 27! Once more with feeling. . . … Read More

The Making of the New Delirium Book Covers

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The new cover look for the Delirium series is so jaw-droppingly beautiful it might make you cry. There are those books that get one book cover design and that’s the only cover look you’ll ever see. . . and then … Read More

Sneak Peek of THE CROWN: Excerpt #3

Epic Reads Exclusives, Selection Series

TOMORROW!!! The Crown comes out TOMORROW! Needless to say, we cannot freaking wait! Tomorrow …it all ends. We’re going to be alternating between swooning and crying at the same time, pretty sure. Have you been following #CountdowntoTheCrown? We’ve been releasing one … Read More

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