The Fantastical Creatures In This Gothic Novel Are Gorgeous… and Terrifying

Epic Reads Exclusives, Fun Stuff

Move over Newt Scamander—the HOUSE OF FURIES series by Madeleine Roux has some truly fantastical creatures that will creep you out in the best way! This gothic fantasy trilogy stars Louisa Ditton, a girl who discovers she’s a changeling and works … Read More

Here’s Your Bookish Horoscope for July!

Epic Reads Exclusives

Suns out, spines out—happy July, book nerds! We hope the last couple of weeks have been fun and relaxing and that you’ve had the chance to chill out by the pool with a book in hand. If not…we encourage you … Read More

Let’s Get Lost! Go on a Trip and We’ll Tell You What to Read Next

Epic Reads Exclusives, Quizzes

Pack your bags, book nerds! It’s summer, the living is easy, and it’s the perfect time to make an escape…into the pages of a new book. Not sure what to read next? We’ve got you covered with everything from wanderlust reading recs to … Read More

The Official List of Harper’s Winter 2019 YA Cover Reveals

Cover Design, Epic Reads Exclusives, Featured

We know that the first day of summer was just last week but hey, It’s cover reveal season so get ready to meet your next favorite book! We’ve got your first look at the amazing books coming out in Winter 2019 … Read More

Read the First 3 Chapters of Always Forever Maybe

Epic Reads Exclusives, Sneak Peeks

A love so sweet, it feels like a sugar rush. But everything that soars so high must crash down eventually… right? Get ready for a romance so electrically written, so compulsively devourable, that you won’t be able to look away even as … Read More

Here’s Your Bookish June Horoscope!

Epic Reads Exclusives, Featured, Fun Stuff

HAPPY JUNE, BOOK NERDS! We don’t know about you but we are all types of excited that summer is right around the corner. With the school year ending soon, that means there’ll be more free time for things like uninterrupted reading … Read More

Could You Survive the Drama of a Lifetime Movie?

Epic Reads Exclusives

Oh, Lifetime Movies. The sheer drama. The incredibly high stakes. The extremities of the situations! We don’t know about you but there’s just something about Lifetime Movies that we cannot resist. Seriously, it’s hard to stop once you start. And yes, … Read More

Curious About Tarot Cards? Team Epic Reads Got Theirs Read!

Epic Reads Exclusives, Fun Stuff, Infographics, Videos

As book nerds, we have the habit of wanting to read anything. And we mean anything. And that includes, sometimes, our fate and futures as expressed in carefully chosen cards! Luckily, we have HOW TO DEAL, this super cute and aesthetic and informative new … Read More

Spend Your Next Vacation at These YA-Inspired Destinations!

Epic Reads Exclusives, Fun Stuff, Infographics

Summer is finally upon us, which means vacations, beach trips, and traveling galore!! While there are tons of cool, themed Airbnb options to stay in (*cough* treehouses, *cough*), there aren’t many that are book inspired. Obviously, this is tragic to traveling … Read More

Red Queen Bookmojis Are Finally Here!

Book Nerds Unite, Epic Reads Exclusives, Fun Stuff, Red Queen Series

You’ve downloaded our Bookmojis by now, right? We hope so, because we have our first new update pack for you—and it’s RED QUEEN themed! If you haven’t heard, we launched the Epic Reads Bookmoji Keyboard with lots of emojis, gifs, and stickers to use in … Read More

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