• jewel

    Read A Deleted Scene From THE JEWEL!

    09/02/2014 12:16PM | Posted by: mmk1891 | Epic Reads Exclusives, Sneak Peeks

    It seems like we’ve been waiting for Amy Ewing’s THE JEWEL to come out for an eternity, and it’s finally here! Yeah, we know we don’t need to whet your appetite even more, but we’re not ones to withhold an exclusive deleted … Continue reading

  • moreselection

    Want More SELECTION? Get It Now!

    08/14/2014 9:41AM | Posted by: TeamEpicReads | Epic Reads Exclusives

    Selectioners, you’ve done it before, you can do it again! Time to unlock More Selection. Here’s the deal. We know you’re up for a challenge, so this time there’s two parts to this unlock. And that means double the rewards. … Continue reading

  • infiniteyou

    The Infinite You (A FALLING INTO PLACE Tumblr)

    08/13/2014 10:24PM | Posted by: TeamEpicReads | Epic Reads Exclusives, Get To Know The Author

    Next month, Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang hits shelves. It a beautiful novel that tells the story of Liz Emerson, a girl who appears to have an ideal life.  However, she’s battling with who she is and what it … Continue reading

  • DMD_Title

    Title Reveal: The Second DOROTHY MUST DIE Novella

    07/10/2014 1:39PM | Posted by: TeamEpicReads | Epic Reads Exclusives

    There ain’t no rest for the wicked in the Dorothy Must Die series by Danielle Paige. After reading Dorothy Must Die and No Place Like Oz (the first prequel novella), we know it’s not an easy task keeping up with … Continue reading

  • delirium-recipes

    Try These Delicious DELIRIUM Recipes!

    06/19/2014 5:37PM | Posted by: TeamEpicReads | Epic Reads Exclusives, Fun Stuff

    If there’s one thing Lauren Oliver knows better than good writing, it’s good food. A message from Lauren Oliver: “Hey Little Olives! I hope you’ll all be joining me at my DELIRIUM TV pilot Twitter party! In case some of … Continue reading

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