This Face Match App is Proof That YA Book Covers Are Works of Art

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If you’ve been anywhere near the social media sphere lately, you might’ve seen posts pairing peoples’ faces with classical paintings that look weirdly like them. Thanks to a brand new face match app from Google Arts and Culture, now you can … Read More

The 2017 *Book Shimmy* Awards Winners!

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Gather round! We have counted your many, many, many votes, and the ballots are officially in! We’re finally ready to announce the winners of this year’s *Book Shimmy* Awards and, can we just say, this was, by far, one of the most … Read More

24 Books That’ll Make You Stay Up Late Reading

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Whuddup, fellow insomniacs? And, okay, sleep lovers alike. When a book is so good that you literally cannot go to sleep until you’ve finished, it doesn’t really matter what kind of sleeper you are. And because we want to start our … Read More

How Long Would You Last in a YA Fantasy Novel?

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The stakes are high and time is running out, do you have what it takes to survive in a YA fantasy novel?! Welcome to the fantasy world of EVERLESS, where time is literally money and rich aristocrats live for centuries, … Read More

17 YA Books That You Should Celebrate National Science Fiction Day With

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It doesn’t need to be National Science Fiction Day for us to curl up with an out of this world story, but it does give us a reason to ignore the other books on our to-read piles a little longer! We’re … Read More

Here’s Your Bookish Horoscope for January!

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Happy New Year, book nerds! To celebrate the start of 2018, we’re launching a brand new monthly series…presenting Epic Reads Horoscopes. That’s right! Each month we’ll be looking to the stars to see what’s in store for your sign and the best part? … Read More

11 YA Sequels We Can’t Wait to Read in 2018

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Look, we have zero chill when it comes to all the amazing sequels coming out in 2018. We’ve been left hanging ever since we finished the last book and it’s honestly been pure torture. Luckily things are about to get better … Read More

249 Thoughts I Had While Reading One Dark Throne

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Guys, this book was FREAKING. INSANE. I loved THREE DARK CROWNS—I actually read it right before I interviewed here last year, but ONE DARK THRONE was just… it was everything. It kicked into overdrive from the very first page and did not … Read More

28 Books to Save Your Gift Cards For!

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Our holiday wishlist is pretty much exclusively books, but for those pesky relatives who don’t want to entertain our book nerdy dreams, we have just the trick. There are a ton of amazing books coming in 2018, which means there are … Read More

Which Side of the Love Triangle Would You Choose?

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You think you’ve found the love of your life. But wait! Another person has just confessed their undying love for you. That’s right—you’re in a love triangle. To us, having two people vie for your affections really doesn’t seem like … Read More

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