Which Fairy Tale Stereotype Are You?

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Once upon a time, a magical quiz revealed which character you would really be in a fairy tale! We can’t all be the princess who falls in love with the handsome prince, so take the quiz to find out which … Read More

Make a Sushi Roll and We’ll Guess Your Favorite Way to Read

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Nom nom nom — who doesn’t love a good sushi roll and reading? 🍣 (Side note: If you haven’t had a sushirrito yet, you need to get on that now. Treat yo’ self, girl.) Anyways, here’s your chance to make … Read More

The Hardest Game of “Which YA Book Must Go” You’ll Ever Play

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These are the hardest decisions you will make all day. Don’t deny it: You’ve definitely had an argument (online or IRL) about your opinions on popular book series — about which books are overrated, or underrated, or just plain bad. … Read More

Join Epic Reads Insiders To Make Your Mark On The YA World

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Do you live in the United States and want to be part of the not-so-super-secret book nerdiest VIP community ever? Of course you do. (We’re working on opening this up to the rest of the world very soon!) The good … Read More

Which YA Character Would You Go On A Tinder Date With?

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The amount of times we’ve imagined ourselves dating a fictional character is borderline psycho. That doesn’t mean we are going to stop anytime soon though….#amiright. So that got us thinking… what if we lived in a world where every single … Read More

Summer 2017 Epic Reads Meetup Tour Dates

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Mark your calendars and prep your best *book shimmy* because  the Summer 2017 Epic Reads Meetup Tour is hitting the road and visiting a city near you! Some of our favorite YA authors are getting together to go on the … Read More

Decorating With Books Makes Every Space Look Better

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The only thing better than reading books is reading books and then decorating with books. #AmIRight? seriously, what could possibly be more satisfying than walking into a home decorated exclusively with books! NOTHING THAT’S WHAT. There are so many options … Read More

Read 4 Chapters Of The Gentleman’s Guide To Vice And Virtue

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This is The Big Queer Historical European Road Trip Novel you didn’t know you were waiting for!!!! What do you get when you mix a roguish bisexual lord, the 1700s version of a road trip, pirates, robbers, and one very … Read More

Here’s How Tupac Inspired The Hate U Give

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By now you’ve heard that The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas is the one YA novel you absolutely cannot miss this year. What you might not know is that The Hate U Give was not only inspired by the … Read More

Are These Quotes from 90s Boy Band Songs or YA Books?

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Ah the 90s. The golden age of frosted tips, Brittany Spears, and Uncle Jesse’s mullet. If you weren’t a 90s baby, then let’s be real, you probably wish you were. Recently, after reading FIREWORKS by Katie Cotugno, a new 90’s … Read More

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