Pick Your Next YA Contemporary According To Your Mood!

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So many contemporaries… so little time. Jk, it’s summer so we have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD! Yass. We made this board so that no matter the mood, you can find the perfect contemporary for you! Here’s how it … Read More

Rank Your Favorite YA Movie Adaptations

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So many YA movie adaptations so little time to decide which we like the best! Lately, Team Epic Reads has been debating which YA movie adaptation is our favorite, so we decided to make this quiz to let YOU decide! … Read More

What Type Of Character Are You?

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We all spend a lot of time reading books, but have you ever stopped to wonder what your life would look like as a book? Where would it be set? What genre would it be? Most importantly for this quiz, … Read More

The 18 Most Anticipated YA Books To Read In August

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Someone let me know how we’re already looking at August.  I would be more outraged, but a new month means new releases so… I guess the summer already being halfway over is a loss I’m willing to take.  Hopefully some … Read More

Postcards From Your Favorite YA Characters

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Picture this: Maven, suitcase packed, one of his bathing suits stuck in the zipper. Okay, so maybe our YA favs don’t get to go on vacation too much, but it can be fun to think about what they get up … Read More

176 Thoughts I Had While Reading Tiny Pretty Things

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Whuddup, book nerds? It’s Tyler from Team Epic Reads, back with another live read! I finally dipped my toes into the contemporary waters and after a super close Twitter poll, settled down to read TINY PRETTY THINGS! This book’s been on my … Read More

Pick an Ice Cream Cone, Get a Book Recommendation!

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It’s summer so you’re probably devouring 2 things – ice cream and books. Who can blame you? We are too. That’s why we decided to combine our two loves to make this very yummy quiz. who knew that ice cream … Read More

You’re Invited to the I See London, I See France Book Launch Party at Forever 21 in NYC!

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It’s a book launch party in the Big Apple! Forever 21 and Epic Reads are teaming up to host a book launch party in New York City! We are celebrating the release of Sarah Mlynowski’s hilarious and unforgettable new book, … Read More

60 Summer Beach Reads You Don’t Want To Miss

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Summer beach read fairy?  Are you there?  It’s me, desperately seeking more books to add to my never dwindling TBR pile. What kind of books do I want, you ask?  But only the best types of book for summer!  What … Read More

Can We Guess Your Age Based On Your YA Love Interest?

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YA fiction has produced some of the greatest love stories of all time — depending on who you ask, that is. Who among us wasn’t #TeamPeeta or #TeamGale while reading The Hunger Games? And don’t even get us started on … Read More

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