Poll: Which Famous Brother Would You Choose?

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We’re taking sibling rivalry to the next level with the ultimate brother vs. brother showdown. We want to know: which brother would you choose? Now you may be thinking, this is an unnecessary exercise, and that you’ll never be faced … Read More

What Your Favorite Selection Series Dress Says About You

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Discover who you truly are with this 100% accurate and completely scientific personality test. All you have to do is. . . say yes to the dress! Here is everything you need to know about your personality, based solely on … Read More

Rank the Scariest YA Book Covers!

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Bookshelf bookshelf on the wall, which cover is the scariest of them all? Upvote the young adult horror book covers you think are the most terrifying and help us determine which one is the most horrifying of them all!   … Read More

Famous Fairytale Footwear

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Blisters and sore feet are nothing compared to the high stakes of rocking these fairytale shoes. Sarah Prineas, author of Ash & Bramble, is sharing some complicated shoe scenarios found in fairytales. Maybe it’s safer to go barefoot? Sarah Prineas’s … Read More

Have You Ever Committed Any Of These Book Crimes?

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Step inside our Book Nerd Confessional and tell us all your bookish sins. Here at Epic Reads, it’s our duty to honor and protect the bookish lifestyle we hold most dear. But while we have high expectations for our community, … Read More

How To Un-Triangle Your Love Life

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You + you + me = not happening. Love triangles. We love them. We hate them. We sometimes wish we could be in one…maybe. But how do you possibly choose between two awesome prospects? And not just for real life … Read More

9 Candles Every Book-Loving Pyro Needs

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Burn candles, not books! Instead of burning books, here are nine book-themed or scented candles we recommend you light up during Banned Books Week! Burning Books Literary Candle This candle smells like you’re sitting by a fire reading your favorite … Read More

What is Your Prospector Name?

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Before you go out digging for gold, you need a decent name like Buzz “Tumbleweed” Steelheart! Use this handy and supremely high tech graphic to discover your 1800s, Westward Ho!, gold digging name as inspired by Walk on Earth a … Read More

8 Emotions You Feel When Your Book Gets Optioned For A Movie

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In which Julie Murphy shares her reactions to finding out DUMPLIN’ had been optioned for a movie by Disney as told by RuPaul’s Drag Race gifs.   Stage 1: Denial   Stage 2: Realization   Stage 3: Shock   Stage … Read More

24 Extreme YA Book Cover Makeovers

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Books so nice they designed them twice. Whether it’s for a fresh, paperback look, the re-release of a classic series or a movie-tie in edition, we’re in when it comes to cover makeovers. Because it totally justifies having duplicate copies … Read More

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