• halflife-bookporn


    07/10/2014 5:50PM | Posted by: TeamEpicReads | Book Nerds Unite, Fun Stuff, What We're Reading

    WARNING: Extremely NSFW images of Katrina Leno’s YA novel up ahead. In honor of the book’s release this week, we took some seriously sexy pics. You’ll definitely want to look away if you’re even remotely near a bookstore. These might … Continue reading

  • triangle

    A Brief Study of Love Triangles (And Other Emotional Shapes)

    07/08/2014 9:17AM | Posted by: TeamEpicReads | Fun Stuff

    Put our relationship status down as it’s complicated. They say love comes in many shapes and sizes. Love in YA lit is no exception. Yet, our beloved genre has gotten a reputation for a certain messy shape—the love triangle. There’s … Continue reading

  • glossary

    The Epic Reads Glossary

    06/24/2014 3:57PM | Posted by: TeamEpicReads | Book Nerds Unite, Fun Stuff

    A handy guide for fully understanding the book nerd experience.     asdfjkl;       ARC       Binge-Read       Book Hoarder       Bookshelfie       Book Shimmy       Book Stripping … Continue reading

  • delirium-pilot

    Watch The DELIRIUM Pilot!

    06/20/2014 12:44PM | Posted by: TeamEpicReads | Fun Stuff

    The highly anticipated pilot for the DELIRIUM show based on the bestselling series by Lauren Oliver is here! The episode is only available for one month starting June 20th on Hulu! About DELIRIUM Ninety-five days, and then I’ll be safe. … Continue reading

  • delirium-recipes

    Try These Delicious DELIRIUM Recipes!

    06/19/2014 5:37PM | Posted by: TeamEpicReads | Epic Reads Exclusives, Fun Stuff

    If there’s one thing Lauren Oliver knows better than good writing, it’s good food. A message from Lauren Oliver: “Hey Little Olives! I hope you’ll all be joining me at my DELIRIUM TV pilot Twitter party! In case some of … Continue reading


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