This Face Match App is Proof That YA Book Covers Are Works of Art

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If you’ve been anywhere near the social media sphere lately, you might’ve seen posts pairing peoples’ faces with classical paintings that look weirdly like them. Thanks to a brand new face match app from Google Arts and Culture, now you can … Read More

You Need to Find Out What Your YA Alias Would Be

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Ellingham Academy was meant to be a beautiful place—not the setting of unsolved mysteries. An exclusive boarding school, tucked away in the mountains of Vermont, styled with the most iconic decor and designed to be a place where learning was more than … Read More

The 2017 *Book Shimmy* Awards Winners!

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Gather round! We have counted your many, many, many votes, and the ballots are officially in! We’re finally ready to announce the winners of this year’s *Book Shimmy* Awards and, can we just say, this was, by far, one of the most … Read More

5 Ways to Beat Your Goodreads Goal This Year

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Every year we tell ourselves that we’re going to read more books. You probably do the same. Maybe you have specific genres you want to expand into, like reading more thrillers or mysteries or nonfiction. Maybe you just want to … Read More

You Need to Follow Olivia A. Cole Because She is #TwitterGoals

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Meet Olivia A. Cole. She’s the author of A CONSPIRACY OF STARS, the first book in a new sci-fi series featuring outer space, egotistical, villainous leaders, and, potentially, war! (No, it’s not just a depiction of real life…) You can … Read More

Here’s Your Bookish Horoscope for January!

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Happy New Year, book nerds! To celebrate the start of 2018, we’re launching a brand new monthly series…presenting Epic Reads Horoscopes. That’s right! Each month we’ll be looking to the stars to see what’s in store for your sign and the best part? … Read More

Get a Character Named After You In Kasie West’s Next Book!

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Have you ever wished that you were living in a YA novel? Okay maybe not the ones where teens are leading a rebellion and fighting for their survival at every heart-stopping moment, but definitely the ones where a character falls … Read More

15 Book Covers that Would Make Beautiful Gift Wrapping Paper

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We all know books make the perfect gifts, but this holiday, we’ve discovered another use for some of the best-looking books on our shelves. Check out the books that we think would make the prettiest wrapping paper for anyone on your … Read More

8 Ways to Arrange an Aesthetically Pleasing Bookshelf

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Okay, so you’ve got books now, but where do you put them? Or more importantly—how will you arrange them?! A bookshelf isn’t just a place to put books. The way you decorate it can make your whole room—it’s a chance … Read More

Books to Read for Every Situation in Your Life

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Or at least, a good number of situations that are common enough to really need book recommendations for. We put our book nerdy minds together to try to come up with some everyday situations that aren’t talked about enough, but definitely can correlate … Read More

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