The Epic Reads Class of Fall 2015!

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Our Epic Reads Fall 2015 yearbook is here, and we’re introducing you to a whole bunch of our YA authors publishing this fall! We’re matched the writers behind some of the awesome books coming out this season with a high … Read More

Pick a Dog, Get a Book Recommendation!

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Having a ruff time picking out your next book? Don’t worry, we got you. Just pick a dog from the selector below and we shall grace you with a young adult book recommendation! Happy National Dog Day, Book Nerds!   … Read More

What is Your Discworld Name?

Fun Stuff

You look like a Wee Mad Wullie to me. Before you read The Shepherd’s Crown by Terry Pratchett (the last book in the Tiffancy Aching part of his legendary Discworld series) you need a Mac Nac Feegle name if you … Read More

10 Big WTF Moments in YA

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WARNING: MAJOR BOOK SPOILERS AHEAD!!!! You know those moments where you’re glued to an amazing book and you’re loving every second of it and then out of nowhere the author pulls a dirty move and jabs you in the gut? … Read More

23 Exquisite Palettes Inspired By Our Favorite YA Book Covers

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Color palette inspiration for your dream reading room! Whether you are redecorating, painting your bedroom, shopping for new clothes, or just generally looking to be inspired, we have a color palette for you! Each one was inspired by a different … Read More

What Is Your Magonia Name?

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You look like a Svilken Quel to me. In Maria Dahvana Headley’s book, above the clouds, there is a land called Magonia and in this land in the air, there are squalwhales singing our strange weather patterns and warring skyskips in … Read More

Book Recommendations Based On Your Astrological Sign

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Your next read is written in the stars! Yesterday on our Instagram we put together YA book recommendations based on astrological signs and their personality traits, so scroll on down to find your sign and discover what you should read … Read More

What Is The Book Of The Summer? Rank Your Favorites!

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Which summer book is the summeriest of them all? Exercise your right to upvote (or downvote) these YA novels and help us crown the Read of Summer! The list below includes ONLY young adult books that are brand new, published … Read More

Summer’s Holy Grail: The Perfect Beach Body!

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Spoiler alert: every body is a beach body! Are you wasting away in the heat this summer? Are you tired of covering and taking shelter in dark, air-conditioned coffee shops? Well, slather on that SPF and pack that beach bag … Read More

What to Expect When You Visit a Bookstore with a Book Nerd

Book Nerds Unite, Fun Stuff

We’d like to make a formal apology to anyone that has ever been tricked into going into a bookstore with a known bibliophile who used the line “It’ll only take me a sec!” It was a lie.It has never nor … Read More

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