How Many YA Series Can You Read In 100 Hours?

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We did some #math to find out what favorite YA series we could read in their entirety in 100 hours, inspired by Rachel Vincent’s novel 100 Hours! 100 Hours starts out on what you think is going to be about … Read More

We Made a Character Chart for The Thousandth Floor


So maybe you picked up The Thousandth Floor because everyone is always talking about it and you couldn’t ignore it on the shelf, after all it has the prettiest, glitteriest, sparkliest cover of all time. When you got your hands on … Read More

The Book Nerd’s Guide to Washington D.C.

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Calling all patriotic book nerds!  We the people of Epic Reads, in order to create a more perfect YA community, establish this book nerd’s guide to Washington D.C., ensure joy to all book nerds, and provide YA book nerd wisdom! If you … Read More

This Infographic Will Help You Decide How to Read Replica

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Lauren Oliver’s new novel REPLICA is finally here! And the design of this book is seriously just eye candy. REPLICA is two books in one so basically you read one story and then flip the book upside down to read the other! … Read More

The Book Nerd’s Guide to Chicago

Book Nerds Unite, Epic Reads Exclusives, Featured, Infographics

Come on babe, why don’t we read the town. Ahhh, Chicago. Home of Barack Obama, deep dish pizza, Divergent, McDonalds, and the Twinkie. We are so excited to introduce you to chi-town (and all that jazz.) Below you will find an … Read More

Infographic: The Longest Running Series in YA


These are the literal never ending stories. How many books does it take to start and finish a good story? Often times it only takes 1 book. A lot of the times it takes 3. And sometimes it takes 19. … Read More

Infographic: The DNA of Ivory & Bone


Love in the time of woolly mammoths! Our new book, Ivory and Bone by Julie Eshbaugh, is a sweeping, romantic fantasy, set during a time when mammoths walked the earth! It will lure you in with its captivating narrative …but … Read More

A Complete Visual Guide to the World in Assassin’s Heart

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Kicking ass. Taking names. Assassinating people like it’s your job – oh wait, it is. In the new young adult fantasy novel, Assassin’s Heart by Sarah Ahiers, seventeen-year-old Lea Saldana is a trained assassin and her tale of love, lies, … Read More

The Book Nerd’s Guide to Los Angeles

Epic Reads Exclusives, Infographics

Welcome to LA: home to Hollywood, gorgeous beaches, unironic rollerblading, perfect weather, avocados––and books! Below you will find the ultimate city guide to Los Angeles for book lovers! This infographic features the best bookstores to visit, best places to read, … Read More

Chart: The DNA of Revenge & the Wild

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Mythical creatures, magic, steampunk and Old West-style vengeance collide in the new book, Revenge and the Wild by Michelle Modesto, and we put together a DNA chart that shows the composition of all the crazy elements you’ll find in this … Read More

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