If You’ve Done 10/15 Of These Things You’re A Book Nerd

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Okay so you think you’re a book nerd huh? We’ll see about that (though chances are if you’re reading this you are!!!) If you can relate to 10/15 of these things then you are DEFINITELY a book nerd. Good luck … Read More

Pick Your Next YA Contemporary According To Your Mood!

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So many contemporaries… so little time. Jk, it’s summer so we have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD! Yass. We made this board so that no matter the mood, you can find the perfect contemporary for you! Here’s how it … Read More

Rank Your Favorite YA Movie Adaptations

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So many YA movie adaptations so little time to decide which we like the best! Lately, Team Epic Reads has been debating which YA movie adaptation is our favorite, so we decided to make this quiz to let YOU decide! … Read More

Which Random Monstrous Thing Will Be Your Downfall?


If you’re not familiar with the world of Victoria Schwab’s THIS SAVAGE SONG, here’s the rundown: It’s dark, creepy, and full of monsters. Malchai will stalk and strike you, and Corsai can tear you apart. In her amazing YA duology, human crimes create … Read More

What’s Your Three Dark Crowns Familiar?


We are *still* obsessing over Three Dark Crowns in anticipated of the sequel, One Dark Throne. So obviously we needed to make another quiz. Hidden away on Fennbirn Island, naturalist members of this witchy society get the ultimate friend in … Read More

Pick an Ice Cream Cone, Get a Book Recommendation!

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It’s summer so you’re probably devouring 2 things – ice cream and books. Who can blame you? We are too. That’s why we decided to combine our two loves to make this very yummy quiz. who knew that ice cream … Read More

Can You Identify the Famous YA Novel by Just One Quote?


Gather round book nerds for let’s play the game of how obsessed are you? Do you think you can identify these famous YA novels with only one quote? Before you scoff, remember, nobody doubts your knowledge and most certainly not … Read More

Pick A Fireworks Display, Get A Book Rec!

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The Fourth of July means one thing, fireworks. Okay, technically it means a lot of things, such as how the U.S. officially declared independence on this day 241 years ago. It also means really tasty hamburgers. But, for this quiz, … Read More

Can We Guess Your Age Based On Your YA Love Interest?

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YA fiction has produced some of the greatest love stories of all time — depending on who you ask, that is. Who among us wasn’t #TeamPeeta or #TeamGale while reading The Hunger Games? And don’t even get us started on … Read More

What Percent Vice And Virtue Are You?


So, by now you’ve probably heard that THE GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE TO VICE AND VIRTUE is the road trip novel we’ve all been waiting for. If you haven’t yet, you can check out all the reasons why right here. What starts as a … Read More

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