Is This Quote from Pride & Prejudice or the Remix?


It’s a truth universally acknowledged that when there’s a Pride & Prejudice retelling, that we will 100% pick it up and devour it. It’s a CLASSIC for a reason, people! Did you read Pride & Prejudice for fun? Or for … Read More

Can You Guess the YA Book From the Dedication?

Now Quoting, Quizzes, Videos

How closely do you read your favorite books? Are you the type of reader who keeps turning after the last page, checking through the acknowledgements, maybe flipping back to skim back over the table of contents or epigraph? What about … Read More

#TBT: How Many of These Classic YA Books Have you Read?


Whether you’ve been reading YA for the better part of a decade, or you’re new to the type of books that have become our lifeblood, we want to get one thing straight: Classic YA books are always worth your time. … Read More

Which Fantasy Worlds Are You Actually From?


Have you ever been reading a book and really, for a moment, truly been able to picture yourself living in it? Not just in the gorgeous words and spellbinding narrative, but the world itself. We definitely have, and we think that there … Read More

Are These John Green Quotes Real or Did We Make Them Up?


How well do you really know the John Green quotes that everyone has fallen in love with? We bet it’s not as well as you think. Unless, of course, you’re John Green himself. you caught me. — John Green … Read More

Build a Romantic Comedy and Get a Book Rec!


Romance is #HARD! That doesn’t mean it can’t be funny though. Romantic comedies are a staple in books, movies, and TV shows, after all! And lately, we’ve been seeing the world through heart-eyed rose-tinted glasses with recent movie releases like To All … Read More

What Would Your Curse Be in a Fairy Tale Retelling?


Fairy tales might start out with “Once upon a time,” and end with “Happy ever after,” but that’s not to say that curses and darkness don’t fill the pages between. A TOUCH OF GOLD, one of our fave new fairy … Read More

Rank Your Favorite YA Fantasy Books!

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Alright, be straight with us—we KNOW you have opinions on all those books you’ve read. Whether you’ve been part of the YA fantasy game for years or are new to the hype train, there are so many amazing books, and … Read More

Which Combination of Three Dark Crowns Characters Are You?

Quizzes, Three Dark Crowns Series

Whether you’re just landing at the docks of Wolf Spring or have grown up in the ranks of the Arron family, you believe that every citizen of Fennbirn Island is really a combination of two main THREE DARK CROWNS players. You … Read More

Which of the DC Icons Are You?


Whether you’re taking this quiz from the shores of Themyscira or the streets of Gotham, we appreciate all you do in both loving superpowered heroics and young adult lit. But now that you’ve read about them, we hope you’re ready … Read More

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