Which Fairy Tale Stereotype Are You?

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Once upon a time, a magical quiz revealed which character you would really be in a fairy tale! We can’t all be the princess who falls in love with the handsome prince, so take the quiz to find out which … Read More

Make a Sushi Roll and We’ll Guess Your Favorite Way to Read


Nom nom nom — who doesn’t love a good sushi roll and reading? 🍣 (Side note: If you haven’t had a sushirrito yet, you need to get on that now. Treat yo’ self, girl.) Anyways, here’s your chance to make … Read More

The Hardest Game of “Which YA Book Must Go” You’ll Ever Play

Book Nerds Unite, Quizzes

These are the hardest decisions you will make all day. Don’t deny it: You’ve definitely had an argument (online or IRL) about your opinions on popular book series — about which books are overrated, or underrated, or just plain bad. … Read More

Which YA Character Would You Go On A Tinder Date With?

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The amount of times we’ve imagined ourselves dating a fictional character is borderline psycho. That doesn’t mean we are going to stop anytime soon though….#amiright. So that got us thinking… what if we lived in a world where every single … Read More

Which YA Novel Is Literally The Story Of Your Life?

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Have you ever read a book that was so #relatable that you thought “wow this is basically my life”? Or maybe you just wished it could be your life? Well now it’s time to find out what your future holds! … Read More

Build a Playlist, Find Out How Your Crush Will Turn Out

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The Upside of Unrequited (you know, the completely adorable new novel from resident rom-com and snack food expert Becky Albertalli) got us like 😍 . In the book, Molly Peskin-Suso is a total chronic crusher. She’s had twenty-six unrequited crushes (TWENTY! … Read More

What’s Your Hollywood Stereotype?


If there’s one thing we learned from La La Land, it’s that things in the city of stars can be tough – even when you’re a gorgeous triple threat like Ryan Gosling or Emma Stone. Despite the incredible challenge, there’s … Read More

What’s The Love Story Of Your Life?


After reading The End Of Our Story by Meg Haston, we wanted a fool proof way to tell What our love story was meant to be. Would we have a fluffy romance?  On again off again? Would we even make it … Read More

Are These Quotes from 90s Boy Band Songs or YA Books?

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Ah the 90s. The golden age of frosted tips, Brittany Spears, and Uncle Jesse’s mullet. If you weren’t a 90s baby, then let’s be real, you probably wish you were. Recently, after reading FIREWORKS by Katie Cotugno, a new 90’s … Read More

Let’s Play A Game Of Would You Rather Three Dark Crowns Edition

Book Nerds Unite, Quizzes

To fight or show mercy? To be brutal or to be smart? To Ship Joseph with Jules… or Joseph with Mirabella? THAT is the question. From the beginning, Three Dark Crowns has been a story of impossible choices. Three sisters, … Read More

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