What Should I Read Next? (Summer Edition!)


Summer reading had me a blast, summer reading happened so fast. Take this quick to find out which YA book should be your summer read!   Now that you know what book you should read, learn more about it! Talker … Read More

Pick a Donut, Get a Book Recommendation!

Featured, Fun Stuff, Quizzes

Books n’ Donuts. Donuts n’ Books. What could be better? Pick a donut get a book rec!    What book did you get? Want to learn More? Click the links below: Dividing Eden by Joelle Charbonneu House Of Furies by … Read More

Which High School Stereotype Are You?

Featured, Quizzes

Ah, high-school. The social hierarchy, the cliche stereotypes, and the desires to break out of categorization (or sometimes, to break into it). After reading M.G. Reyes’ book EMANCIPATED, about a group of six teens that have all been legally liberated … Read More

Which Summer Camp Girl Are You?


Inspired by PROOF OF FOREVER by Lexa Hillyer, we dare you to take this quiz and find out which kind of bunkmate you are! Go forth and discover your summer camp personality! About PROOF OF FOREVER Elegant and evocative, Proof … Read More

Are You The Smartest Girl In America?


If you ace this quiz then you might just be the smartest girl EVER. In Margo Rabb’s Kissing in America, Eva and her best friend, Annie, embark on a road trip to California where Annie is going to compete in … Read More

The Hardest Game of ‘Would You Rather’ for Book Nerds

Book Nerds Unite, Fun Stuff, Quizzes

Would you rather take this quiz or eat a can of raw sardines? We think you should go with the game of “would you rather.” Or, maybe we should say, “would YA rather.” Get it? Because here at Epic Reads … Read More

What’s Your Fairy Tale Prom Style?


If prom is the ball and you are the princess, then which fairy tale are you in? Take this quiz inspired by CRIMSON BOUND by Rosamund Hodge to find out what your fairy tale prom style is! Perhaps you’ll be … Read More

Which Famous Alien Are You?


We all know you’re out of this world, but which notorious extra-terrestrial are you most like? In honor of the new alien friends hitting bookshelves today in Kimberly Derting’s The Replaced, the sequel to The Taking, this quiz is invading … Read More

How Should You Organize Your Bookshelf?


So you want to mix things up and reorganize your bookshelf but you aren’t sure how? We’re here to help you! Just take this short quiz and discover the organizational system that you should adopt!  

Where’s the Quote from: Classic or YA Lit?


It might be harder than you think to tell the difference between A Tale of Two Cities and the story of twelve districts. See if you can identify which of these quotes come from classic literature and which are found … Read More

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