Which YA Horror Novel Are You?


If you aren’t currently aware of which horror novel you actually are (because you are one, you know) then you should probably take this quiz to find out! This quiz was inspired by MESSENGER OF FEAR the new creepy, thriller … Read More

Which Character From THE JEWEL Are You?


Take this quiz and discover which character from THE JEWEL by Amy Ewing you are! The Jewel means wealth, the Jewel means beauty—but for Violet, the Jewel means servitude. Born and raised in the Marsh, Violet finds herself living in … Read More

Who Is Your John Hughes Boyfriend?


Take the GET EVEN quiz written by Gretchen McNeil and find out, once and for all, who your John Hughes boyfriend is!   Gretchen McNeil on this quiz When I was sixteen I was in love with John Bender, the … Read More

What Kind Of Zombie Are You?


Before you set off on a zombie road trip in Undead With Benefits by Jeff Hart (the hilarious sequel to Eat, Brains, Love), take this quiz and find out once and for all what type of zombie you are.   … Read More

Can You Identify These International YA Covers?

Fun Stuff, Quizzes

Take our first ever International Cover Challenge quiz and see if you can correctly identify these 10 young adult book covers! You will earn ten 1UPs if you get a perfect score.     How did you do? Tell us … Read More

Quiz: What’s Your Summer YA Story?


  Summer love, summer sun, summer vacation. It’s hard to think of reading when you have so many more fun, outdoorsy things to do. But we here, at Epic Reads, would rather stay indoors and live vicariously through our characters’ … Read More

Quiz: What Life Are You Secretly Living?


Inspired by the new YA novel THE HALF LIFE OF MOLLY PIERCE by Katrina Leno, take this quiz to find out which life you are secretly living!     About THE HALF LIFE OF MOLLY PIERCE A gorgeous and visceral … Read More

Which Peter Pan Character Are You?


In honor of TIGER LILY by Jodi Lynn Anderson, we’re giving you a quiz to help you discover which Peter Pan character you are!   ABOUT TIGER LILY Before Neverland faded into myth, it was a remote and dangerous island … Read More

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