We Know If You’re More of a Sun Queen or a Blood Queen


If you had tremendous power, do you think you’d use it for good? Or would you be trapped by the pitfalls of destruction? In the FURYBORN series by Claire Legrand, the world is prophesized to be both ruined and saved by … Read More

What Would Your Superpower Be in the Shatter Me Universe?

Quizzes, Shatter Me Series

We hope you’re ready for a revolution, because the brutally quick pace of the SHATTER ME series will leave you with barely enough time to get a handle on the powers before you’re forced to use them. But don’t worry too much—there’s … Read More

Can You Identify the YA Book from These Emojis?


🎉🎉🎉 It’s World Emoji Day!!! 🎉🎉🎉 Since emojis were first introduced, we’d say that they have successfully integrated themselves into our everyday life. We can’t help ourselves! They’re just the perfect little things to add to our texts…posts…tweets….texts….etc…Yeah, we ❤️ them. So … Read More

Do You Prefer These US or International Book Covers?

Cover Design, Featured, Quizzes

As Informed Book Nerds™, we like to keep up to date not only on the books available near us, but also on how they look around the world! After all, we have limited shelf space and we want to make sure … Read More

These 8 Choices Will Reveal Which Combination of Throne of Glass Characters You Are


Are you a prince or an heiress? A fae or a witch? The THRONE OF GLASS characters and books have expanded so awesomely past the first novel’s tournament of assassins, and along the way we’ve met so many who we couldn’t help but fall … Read More

Can You Identify Which Books These Good Morning Tweets Are From?

Fun Stuff, Quizzes

If you haven’t been following along on our Twitter, here’s the rundown: Every day for a few months now, we’ve been wishing good morning tweets to different YA characters. Sometimes it’s to a whole little group. Sometimes it’s to everyone except a certain someone. … Read More

Which YA Series Would You Have Written If You Were a Young Adult Author?


All of the authors lining our shelves are SO talented, we’re not ashamed to admit that sometimes we wish we had their skills. From the characters who come alive and seem to jump off the page, to the worlds so … Read More

Pack Your Beach Bag and We’ll Reveal Your Must-Read Summer Book!


It’s summer! That means it’s time to head to the beach, bask in the sun, and ignore all other responsibilities while catching up on all the books we’ve been stockpiling throughout the year! But of course… it isn’t summer everywhere… and … Read More

Can You Guess the YA Retelling With Just One Clue?


Jane Eyre, but with ghosts! While that combo may be shocking, it will come as no surprise that we are huge fans of YA retellings—the way a new element or subtle twist is added into a classic tale fascinates us … Read More

Let’s Get Lost! Go on a Trip and We’ll Tell You What to Read Next

Epic Reads Exclusives, Quizzes

Pack your bags, book nerds! It’s summer, the living is easy, and it’s the perfect time to make an escape…into the pages of a new book. Not sure what to read next? We’ve got you covered with everything from wanderlust reading recs to … Read More

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