Stage a Musical, Get a Musical Book Rec!


It’s time to put all those repeat viewings of High School Musical to good use. In THIS TINY PERFECT WORLD by Lauren Gibaldi, Penny is thrust from her small-town Florida life into the competitive world of musical theater. She’s going … Read More

Which Simonverse Character Should Be Your Bae?


Book baes are better than real baes—fact. Becky Albertalli writes majorly swoonworthy romances—also fact. So there’s no bad time to combine the two! Whether you fell in love with SIMON VS., or only discovered Becky with the release of UPSIDE, we have no doubt that … Read More

Plan the Perfect Galentine’s Day and We’ll Reveal Your YA Galentine!

Pop Culture, Quizzes

How are you celebrating Galentine’s Day? If you’ve never heard of it, this amazing day comes to us from the genius mind of Parks and Rec‘s Leslie Knope, who dedicated the day before Valentine’s Day to her closest friends. Because that’s like, one of … Read More

We Can Guess Your Age Based on Your Bookshelf


Are your books organized? Or do you leave your shelves in a state of whim? We mean, both are acceptable—any books are good books—but we think that the way one decorates, and any other stylistic bookshelf ideas they have, says a … Read More

Assemble a Ryan Murphy TV Show, and We’ll Reveal What YA Plot Twist Will Happen in Your Life

Pop Culture, Quizzes

Whether it was American Horror Story or Glee, Nip/Tuck or Scream Queens, odds are you’ve probably at least heard of some Ryan Murphy shows. It’s practically a TV empire. His credits also include such hits as American Crime Story, Feud, and The New … Read More

Take the Official YA Fantasy Placement Test!


Forget the SATs, it’s time to take the FPTs! We’re here to help you live in a YA fantasy world! So, we all know those tests that analyze your strengths in an attempt to tell you what to study in college … Read More

Are These Red Queen Quotes Real or Did We Make Them Up?

Featured, Quizzes, Red Queen Series

Between our first time diving into the world, skimming for scenes, and rereading to get another dose of the characters, we can’t even count how many times we’ve read Victoria Aveyard’s books. The RED QUEEN quotes are like a second language to us. So, … Read More

Which “Simon Universe” Character Are You?


You love Becky Albertalli. We love Becky Albertalli. Everybody loves Becky Albertalli. And the love is only going to continue this year with LEAH ON THE OFFBEAT and LOVE, SIMON coming in the next few months! Wait—you haven’t fallen in … Read More

Can You Match the Face to the YA Book Cover?


There’s nothing we love more than a stunning book cover. We’ve even compared them to classical art, because, well, they are. The cover is the icing on the cake that gets us even more excited to dig in to a new … Read More

Can You Guess the YA Fantasy Book From the Quote?


You know them. Young adult fantasy books. Heck, you’ve even seen if you could survive one. But do you know them well enough to identify one from a single quote? We have a ton of lines highlighted, countless pages post-it’d, and plenty of … Read More

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