What Would the Book Cover of Your Life Story Look Like?

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We’re not ashamed to admit that with all the YA we read, we’ve wondered what it would be like to write our own life stories into print. Maybe we could add a dash of the fantastic, or a sprinkle of heartbreak … Read More

Will You Love or Hate the Next Book You Read? Let the Fates Decide!


THE FATES DIVIDE by Veronica Roth is finally here, and to say we are obsessed with this amazing sequel to CARVE THE MARK is an understatement. The new POVs? Enlightening and add so freaking much to the story. The romance?! You already … Read More

How Long Would You Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?


If you haven’t gotten on the DREAD NATION hype train yet, you really need to read that book and board it, stat. Not only is it a super clever, alternate history look at social and racial divisions, but it’s also super … Read More

This Quiz Will Reveal What Type of Book Nerd You Are

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*Ominous music plays* You may think you know, but you have NO IDEA… what kind of book nerd you really are. Over our many years of nerding out about books, we’ve noticed that there are a few very particular types of readers. … Read More

Build a Palace and We’ll Tell You Which Fantasy Book to Read


Time to whisk yourself away to a fantasy land full of palace intrigue or deadly magic or evil queens—or sometimes all of the above! Speaking of, we cannot get enough of the world in the Spindle Fire duology by Lexa … Read More

Can You Identify These YA Novels Based on Crazy Close-Up Images of Their Covers?


You know the names. You know the characters. You know the stories. But do you know the book cover art when it’s zoomed in to an insane degree and cropped so no part of the title is showing? That’s the real test, … Read More

How You Feel About These 8 Characters Will Determine What YA Book You Belong In


We know we’re not alone in the strong feelings we have towards YA characters. It’s so easy to fall in love with them, in all their emotional vulnerability and banter-despite-the-looming-apocalypse—and it’s also not our fault if, maybe, sometimes they annoy … Read More

Only a True Book Nerd Has Read 42/54 of These Fantasy Books

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We’ve been #blessed with countless amazing young adult fantasy books. From rebellions to revolutions, corrupt kings to bitter queens, we feel more prepared than ever before to take on a hypothetical monarchy with or without supernatural powers at our disposal. … Read More

Do You Actually Hate These YA Book Tropes?

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We felt our hearts begin to race. A breath we didn’t know we were holding loosed itself as we opened the quiz, asking for our opinions on the tropes we see in some of our favorite books. The corners of … Read More

Plan A Vacation and We’ll Reveal Which Leading Lady You’d Be


It’s a fact universally known that a fierce leading lady is key in any YA book. They come in all forms, from those loyal to those physically tough, the commoners and queens and everyone in between. We like to channel them … Read More

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