Are These the Titles of Video Games or YA Books?


Video games aren’t what they used to be. Honestly, if you told us ten years ago that we’d be wandering across worlds, plugged into games where the story was even more important than the action, we probably wouldn’t have believed you. … Read More

Tell Us a Story and Unleash a Dragon


Okay, we know unicorns may be having a bit of a moment right now, but we’re here to boldly state that dragons are still the ultimate magical sidekick. Whether they’re of the adorable variety, or are more of the fire … Read More

How Would You Die in a YA Horror Novel?


Whether it’s by a small town slasher, a supernatural soul eater, or the Devil himself, there’s no shortage of ways to die in a good, scream-worthy YA novel. And in the midst of the spookiest season, we decided to put it … Read More

Who Would Be Your Fictional Nemesis?


It’s hard not to love a proper YA villain, but have you ever wondered what sort of enemy you would have if your life was a work of fiction? Would they be brutal, or would you suffer a starcrossed, forbidden … Read More

Can You Guess Who Said These Iconic Shatter Me Quotes?

Quizzes, Shatter Me Series

Welcome back to the world of Tahereh Mafi’s SHATTER ME series! If you’ve read these books, you know that Shatter Me quotes are among the most passionate, powerful, and steamiest in YA. If not, boy, do we have good new for you. … Read More

Which YA Character Would You Turn to Stone?

Fun Stuff, Quizzes

Be warned: After taking this quiz, the only thing turning to stone may be your heart… THE GLASS SPARE is the start of a new duology from Lauren DeStefano about Wilhelmina, a princess with a dazzling and deadly power—anyone and anything … Read More

Pick Your Favorite YA Clichés, and We’ll Reveal When You’ll Get Married!


As much as we love YA fiction—and if you don’t, what are you doing here?!—the genre has a handful of classic YA cliches that, sometimes, we could all do without. We could probably live the rest of our lives without … Read More

How Long Would You Last in the House of Furies?


Haunted house season is upon us! Halloween is almost here, and full of ghouls and goblins galore! It’s also a great time to dip into HOUSE OF FURIES by the New York Times bestselling author of ASYLUM, Madeleine Roux! Seventeen-year-old … Read More

Which Role Would You Play in a Post-Apocalyptic World?


In SerialBox’s REMADE, twenty-three teens are given a second chance at life. The catch? They wake up in a post-apocalyptic world that’s completely unrecognizable—filled with robots, space elevators, and an unchecked jungle. Hunted by mechanical horrors, they’ll need to learn to trust … Read More

What Mighty Thing Are You Destined For?


This is the most important quiz you’ll ever take, and it’s brought to you by the most important competition on Earth! In DARE MIGHTY THINGS, Cassandra Gupta has the chance of a lifetime—the opportunity to travel to space. But to … Read More

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