Pick a Bunch of Books & We’ll Reveal Your Book Aesthetic

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Have you ever wondered what sort of YA novel you would fit into? Or, more importantly, what its book aesthetic would be? Well, we have. There are so many options, from the dark, mysterious corners of the genre to the … Read More

Can You Guess Who Said These Chilling Three Dark Crowns Quotes?

Quizzes, Three Dark Crowns Series

If you’re anything like us, you probably raced through THREE DARK CROWNS and ONE DARK THRONE. These dark fantasies are seriously GOOD. But sometimes when that happens, we really don’t spend enough time absorbing what’s on the page. Sometimes we need to know … Read More

Plan a Royal Wedding and We’ll Tell You If You’d Win the Selection

Quizzes, Selection Series

We are still crying happy tears from yesterday’s royally amazing announcement. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged and you guys, 2017 might actually end on a high note with this glorious news. THANK YOU FOR BESTOWING THIS ON US. We are … Read More

Which Book Should You Buy Your BFF?


Every week, new books come out and we get overwhelmed all over again by how many freaking amazing releases there have been this year. 2017 may not have been great overall, but it was phenomenal for YA. One problem, though, … Read More

Build a Road Trip Playlist, Get a Book Rec!


Is there any more essential playlist than a road trip playlist? It needs to be popular enough that the whole crew can enjoy it, long enough that it lasts your whole ride, and dependable enough to keep energy up even when you’ve … Read More

Which Book Should You Get in the Epic Reads Holiday Box?

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If you haven’t heard, we’re stepping up our book nerdy festiveness this year and introducing the first official Epic Reads Holiday Box! We don’t even know which part we’re most excited about. There are the socks, which lowkey command anyone reading to bring … Read More

You Pick Two! Which Book Nerd Essential Must Go?

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Let’s play a game of You Pick Two! It’s easy enough to say that you love everything about being a book nerd, from the fanciful plots to the bantering characters and every comfortable reading nook in-between. But what if you had … Read More

Can You Identify the YA Series by Its Icon?


This is it. The moment you’ve been waiting for. Oh, no, sorry. It’s not LOVE, SIMON. Aaand it’s not WAR STORM either. BUT it is something super fun, and a way to test your YA knowledge while you wait for both of … Read More

Build a Burger and We’ll Guess Your Favorite Type of Book Ending


YA has its fair share of book ending styles—happy ever afters, soul-crushing goodbyes, and everything in between. Sometimes you’re not sure how you feel about an ending until it really sinks in a few days later. That has happened to us on … Read More

Who Would Be Your Fictional BFF?


There’s no shortage of amazing characters in YA novels, and it’s not uncommon for us to want to be BFFs with literally every single character we meet. Sometimes it’s the main character! Sometimes it’s their best friend, or love interest, … Read More

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