Reading Playlist: LIARS, INC.

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What is the perfect music to accompany a book as twisty and turny as LIARS, INC by Paula Stokes? We’re about to find out! Paula is sharing her curated Spotify playlist with us and tells us why each song is … Read More


Reading Playlists

Jasmine Warga’s debut YA MY HEART AND OTHER BLACK HOLES is a bittersweet look into a high schooler’s decision to commit suicide and heavy with complex characters and difficult questions. To take us deeper into the development of these characters and … Read More

Reading Playlists: TAPE by Steven Camden

Reading Playlists

Introducing: two playlists for the ages. TAPE by Steven Camden is the haunting story about Ryan and Ameliah, two people connected by a tape cassette found twenty years after it was originally recorded. Listen to their playlists to understand the bond … Read More


Reading Playlists

You know those books that seriously set a mood? That’s EXQUISITE CAPTIVE. You feel totally immersed in the exotic, sensual, rich story. Here, author Heather Demetrios tells us how she crafted this feel and shares a playlist to enhance your … Read More

Reading Playlist: GET EVEN

Reading Playlists

I’m not going to say I was an angry teen—I’ll just let the striped tights, green ten-holed Docs, and pleated skirts speak for themselves.  Get Even is definitely steeped in my mid-1990s angst, and the Don’t Get Mad series, pitched … Read More

Reading Playlist: Infinite Repeat

Reading Playlists

Because Infinite Repeat is a darker story than The Art of Lainey, it only makes sense that the playlist would contain darker music. However, both stories end on a hopeful note and I strived to include a mix of both … Read More

A (Don’t You) Forget About Me Mixtape

Author Guest Posts, Reading Playlists

Kate Karyus Quinn, author of (Don’t You) Forget About Me made you a mixtape because she secretly wants to be your girlfriend.    A (Don’t You) Forget About Me Playlist Mixtape I’ve always loved music. Not in an aficionado sort … Read More

Reading Playlist: WICKED GAMES

Reading Playlists

Subscribe to the official Spotify playlist for WICKED GAMES by Sean Olin!     A hand-selected playlist is like a gift box full of a whole bunch of individually wrapped presents, each one chosen with care, each one signifying a … Read More

Reading Playlist: THE ART OF LAINEY

Reading Playlists

Paula Stokes has put together a completely danceable playlist for her new book, THE ART OF LAINEY. Read all about her song choices and listen to the Spotify playlist below! I had really lofty goals for The Art of Lainey … Read More

Rock Your Socks Off With The EXILE Playlist

Reading Playlists

Dance your pants off to the EXILE playlist curated by author/singer/extraordinaire Kevin Emerson.       About the Playlist 1. Two Door Cinema Club – The World is Watching – Shout out to Mel Barnes of Novel News and Notes … Read More

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