Why Aren’t Missing Black and Brown Children a National Priority?

Author Guest Posts, Real Talk

by Tiffany D. Jackson When I was in elementary school, it was rumored that a young Puerto Rican girl was snatched in front of a nearby school, thrown into a green van, and vanished. Precautions were taken, everyone told to … Read More

Real Talk: Breaking the Cycle of Abuse

Real Talk

Break the Cycle! NOW IS EVERYTHING author Amy Giles gets real about child abuse for all the Hadleys of the world and their stories that need to be told. This blog post is part of our on-going Real Talk blog series where we … Read More

Here’s How This YA Author Turned Her Pain Into Art

Real Talk

Little Wrecks author, Meredith Miller, used her experiences as inspiration for her new novel. In this real talk piece, you’ll find out how she used her pain for art and became the resilient inspiring lady she is today! Read on … Read More

Love Is Love- It’s Time To Get Real About LGBTQ Equality

Real Talk

World history has been made by countless lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals—and you’ve never heard of many of them. That’s why Sarah Prager is getting real about LGBTQ  history and equality. Her new book, Queer, There, and Everywhere uncovers a … Read More

May 2017 Real Talk: American Street and All American Boys

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HEYO. Welcome back to real-talk-landia, where we are committed to keepin’ it 100 at all times. This month Natalie is bringing you #RealTalk about two hugely impactful books-American Street by Ibi Zoboi, and All American Boys by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely! Natalie … Read More

It’s Time To Change The Way We Talk About Queer Lives

Real Talk

Looking for Group is about two teens dealing with a lot of issues, being poor, being sick, being misunderstood by their families, and being queer – but NOT about coming out. Author Rory Harrison shares what inspired her to write … Read More

This Muslim Author Is Tired Of Your Islamaphobic Bullsh*t

Real Talk

That Thing We Call a Heart by Sheba Karim is a story about things we can all relate to – best friend drama, being crushed by our crushes, and feeling pressure to conform. It’s also a story about Muslim American … Read More

Watch Our April 2017 Real Talk Video

Real Talk, Videos, What We're Reading

Welcome to real-talk-landia, where we are committed to keepin’ it 100 at all times. Because we were craving some conversation about all the important topics being written about in YA, this month Natalie from Team Epic Reads is bringing you some … Read More

This YA Author Is Shutting Down Slut-Shaming Trolls Everywhere

Author Guest Posts, Real Talk

In JUST A GIRL, Carrie Mesrobian is setting fire to the unfair stereotypes and the societal constraints placed on teenage girls. Her main character, Rianne, is stuck with an “easy girl” reputation for doing the same exact things guys do … Read More

Real Talk: Black Lives Matter

Author Guest Posts, Real Talk

Angie Thomas’ The Hate U Give explores themes of police brutality, family, community, and what it means to be black in America. Below you’ll learn what inspired bad-ass author Angie Thomas to write such a gripping novel inspired by the … Read More


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